Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Visitor

Isn't mother nature amazing???

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Past Projects - A Birthday Quilt

Last week, when I posted about this quilt, the lovely Louise asked about my earlier quilt projects. So when this quilt miraculously surfaced (it rarely leaves the bed and visits to the washing machine are far too few) I thought I had better grab a quick snap.
This is my second large quilt and was made pre-blog days, so no photo till now.
It's quite a good size, plenty big enough for a single bed, probably covers a double bed with out any hang over.
Quite a bit of hand stitching too, my favorite part of quilting - along with hand stitching the binding.
Obviously not my colour choices and a very simple pattern, but perfect for a teenage birthday boy.
As much as Middle J refuses to let it leave his bed, I think it's fairly safe to say he likes it a little bit.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Experiment

Yesterday evening we had to pop down to the Amtrak Station to collect Middle J from the train. I always find meeting the train somewhat exciting! Often I dream about taking a trip on this particular train - The Capitol Limited - sounds very impressive doesn't it? Maybe the overnight train in a lovely sleeper cabin to the windy city, Chicago! Sadly, I haven't even been to Washington DC on it yet. :-S
Anyway, Mr VW and Little J, being the boys that they are, thought they would do a little experiment.
Hang on what's this on the tracks????
A little copper coin???? Hold on is that a train I see coming????That is one mighty big train! Quite imposing to stand in front of both engines, you can feel the ground move.
What has happen to Mr. Lincoln????
Flat as a Pancake......
Please Note: Realistically and the more I think back about it, this is an EXTREMELY dangerous activity to partake in. I hang on to Little J for dear life until that train has gone, because you do quite simply stand right next to the tracks as it pulls in!


Blogger is being a real pain this evening, so bad in fact I had to brush up on my @#$%^! Can't get any of my photos to load. What's up with blogger???? So I am off to bed now and will try again when my patience has returned tomorrow.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's Harvest

And today's harvest is.......
Two peas in a pod!
Yep that's it.

At least the tomatoes are looking promising (knock on wood) and we still have the odd strawberry. No sign of the beans, but there's still time for them right?

Happy weekend!

P.S. Those two peas....Y U M.....they were delicious!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Things on Thursday

Just quickly, two things that made me smile today:

1. Lovely daisies picked from the side of the road (don't worry they weren't stolen from someones garden!)
2. A growing pile of squares courtesy of the lovely yarn I bought at Milicent's last week (project to be revealed in the very near future!)
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please Sir, Could We Have Some Rain?

It's been hotter than the Sahara here the last few days. So hot in fact I have relented to turning on the airconditioner (no fancy central air, just the clunky kind in the window). I even left it on while I was at work today, worry the dogs would be hot as they said the heat index would surpass 100F (and it did). So if you could spare a few drops of rain to send our way it would be greatly appreciated! The flowers enjoy the heat, but only because I have been lugging buckets of water from Little J's pool to water them with, rather than turning on the hose.
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Happy Thursday folks!
PS - Thank you for the lovely comments on my flag quilt ♥ One day I'll drag out some of the ones I haven't blogged about to share.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking Back....

Since graduation on Friday, I have been thinking alot about home - Australia that is. I try to always remember where I came from, stay in touch with the happens back home and to share my heritage with my boys. Yes, I still call Australia home after almost 20 years and still have bouts of homesickness. Although, I have to admit that on the rare occasion I get to go home, I feel like a foreigner! The country has changed so much and so has my family. My Mum is no longer with us and my Dad is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, so it has a very different feeling for me now.
So today when I was piddling around with Picasa, I discovered this photo and it made me smile. I believe this was the third bed size quilt I ever made. It was a request from Big J and he painstakingly helped my lay out the pattern for the Union Jack. When it was finished, we were both very proud of it. I am sure it will have pride of place in his dorm room at Virginia Tech.
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Thank you to all those lovely people who visit my blog and for those who leave their words of encouragement. This blogger community really is a wonderful place to be!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Class of 2010

Well another of life's milestones has been achieved for Big J - he can check High School off his list. This was my first high school graduation (no graduation ceremonies when you attend school in the sticks), so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I certainly did not expect to see 8,000 other people there!!! A little overwhelming.... It was however, V E R Y exciting!!! :-) We were little to surprised to not find Big J's name in the program under "Graduating with Honors", as we knew he had studied very hard and was doing well. We were however, shocked to see his name under "Graduating with HIGHEST Honors"!!!! WOW, I was speechless.

I survived the ceremony with dry eyes, but with possibly the biggest smile on my face. However, when we met up with Big J after the events, he quietly showed me a little something special he had with him on his sleeve, hidden under his gown. There it was, a tiny pin - the American and Australian flags. My eyes were no longer dry, but I was even prouder that although he has spent the majority of his life in the USA, he so proud to be Australian and American.

Congratulations Big J - we love you and you have done us proud yet again.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Yarn.....

I will try my best to keep this brief - so as not to bore you silly. I live in a lovely old town, terraces houses, old churches and lovely architecture. Obviously not nearly as beautiful as the villages of England and Europe, but it did remind my of the town we lived in previously in Belgium. It has a pretty walking mall on the main street downtown. Not many shops, some nice restaurants, bakery and other odds and ends. During the daytime however, those 'visiting' the mall area are somewhat 'interesting'......that is interesting but slightly dubious meaning hang onto your handbag types. So we don't get down there much during the day, mostly because we work and don't eat out often so rarely go there in the evenings. However on Monday I had to run downtown to pay a bill at the council offices and stop by the bank. Rather than drive the three feet from the council offices to the bank being the lazy bum I am, I decided to walk.
Best decision I have made all week!!! Found a treasure which means I'll be going downtown a whole lot more. So what do you think that treasure might be??? A YARN SHOP!!!!
Millicents Yarns to be exact!!!! They were closed on Monday, so today I bribed persuaded Little J to take a little outing with me. I was nearly overcome with excitement - I have never seen so much lovely yarn in my entire life. Now I have to say I had to place my eyes back in their sockets a few times after checking prices, but it's all wool, something that is as rare as hens teeth in this town.
I had a lovely chat with the ladies in the store, surprised to hear they have a knit and natter and all sorts of classes. Unfortunately most of them occur during the week when I am working, but they do have the odd evening class. So of course I made a few purchases, with no project planned but of course I am itching to use them!
You know the best thing about Milicents? Mr. VW didn't sigh when I told him I found it and didn't groan when I had told him I went for a little visit which involved purchases - something of a miracle really!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Of course I have been inspired by Lucy @ Attic24 to start a granny stripe blanket :-) It's taken some time to get into the swing of it, but I am really loving the rhythm of the stripes - bit like a ripple really.
Unfortunately I am having some issues with the camera, so the photos are basically crap. Starting to think I am in need of a new one after all :-( However I have just found out how much the computer Big J needs for college is going to cost and a camera and all of life's other basic essentials are going to have to wait!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Just a little simple quilt made from stash for a little boy next door who is due to arrive mid August.
It has been a glorious few days here at the Gephart, bordering on a little warm. I have fully recovered from what ever 'ick' it was that ailed me. Unfortunately Mr. VW was struck down with strep throat. He got off lightly and was well again with in two days.
Summer holidays start for us tomorrow (well Little J has a half day in the morning). I'm off work for a week and then on Friday is the big day for Big J - graduation! Can't believe he will be finished with school......just seems like yesterday he was learning to walk. Children grow up entirely too fast for my liking.
Happy Monday

Monday, June 7, 2010


Yesterday, besides being Mr. VW and my fifteenth wedding anniversary, I discovered two things.
1. Although not feeling well enough to go out and celebrate our happy day, I was able to pick up my hook and do a little crochet. The weekend prior my MIL had given me the mother load of knitting needles (I will never have to buy another knitting needle so long as I live - every type size, shape and colour ever made), some rather groovy knitting and crochet patterns (imagine granny square vest - for a man!!) and some lovely yarn. Three scrumptious balls of REAL wool in a deep purple and 12 balls of interesting "Luster Sheen" in teal. Not really yarn, sort of string/cottony stuff that she was making a cardigan with??? It's not my style, so I thought I would make her a little scarf as a thank you and to have a portable on the go crochet project - the balls are like little yarn balls in minature.
2. Getting off track here - the second thing I discovered - cameras don't work without batteries. As some sort of weird coincidence on the day I dropped and thought I broke the camera, in the few minutes between me dropping it and then trying to turn it on, it appears some small 8 year old fingers pinched the batteries for the video game controller!!!! I had nearly convinced Mr. VW to buy me a new one. Boy did I feel like an idiot when he jokingly asked if it needed new batteries! Thank goodness for 15 years of learning to tolerate my absent mindedness. Although disappointed I didn't get to buy the camera I had selected (it was almost the same shade of purple as the yarn) I am pleased to have saved a few dollars and saved the agony of learning new camera instructions.
The first photo taken, a lovely 'happy anniversary/don't kill me for stealing your batteries' flower from a very light fingered boy.

So blogging should be back on track now (knock on wood). Thank you for leaving all your lovely words of encouragement and continuing to swing by for my recent lack of posts.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

As It Is

Hello! Happy Friday. I do hope everyone is having a very happy Friday. Yes I disappeared again for more days than I would have liked. Remember my last post, Ups vs Downs? Well the ups are still up (loads of strawberries, peonies looking magnificent) and one of the downs is now up! Yes little blue car is back in action. Whizzing Little J to school most days. I say most days because, well, that almost lost voice thingy I was suffering from last week went from down to WAY down. Developed into some nasty lung fungus virus that even after a course of antibiotics, still has me only managing partial days in the office and the spending the majority of my time on the couch too sick to even think about crochet! Anyway, fingers crossed it's on it's way up and out now!
That's enough of a medical report for one day. Back to post business. This wee little crochet square is the colour creation of Little J. Designed to be a rugged action blanket for Rambo Bunny, he took delight in choosing the colours. Honestly I'm not sure what to make of them - can't say I hate them, certainly don't love them, but there is something very retro about them.
I actually made this several weeks ago, but as the camera is still broken and I wanted to pop by for a quick post I dug these snaps up figuring they would be better than nothing.
Well must be off now, Mr. VW will be home shortly and I must gather my thoughts to determine which course of pleading will bring any glimmer of hope for a new camera this weekend. I would have the old one repaired, but it is quite old (6 years and not very expensive to begin with) and these days it seems it would be cheaper to buy new than replace.