Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning - Gone to the Dogs

It's a quiet morning here at the Gephart, Mr. VW left at 4:00am to join the Restore Honor Rally in Washington D.C and I have enjoyed some quiet time in front of the telly and pootling around the Internet on my little laptop, whilst snuggled up in my jammies with a cup of tea.  The boys allowed me to enjoy the rare silence, with the youngest not emerging until 9:30am!
The resident Gephart hounds have, as usual, been vying for the best seat in the house - on top of all the pillows on the sofa!  Here is Miss Lucy, our resident Long Hair Daschund enjoying her 'throne'.
 Below her is PigPen, quite pleased to just have a spot on the sofa, she often gets kicked off by the other three.  Pigpen is the oldest of the bunch at 13, the sweetest of them too and much like the mother of the bunch.  She has patience and obedience beyond belief despite her failing eyesight and hearing.
Whilst tip tapping away typing this post, I noticed the other two, yes there are four of them, lined up next to me.  It's quite often the humans at the Gephart have to wrestle the hounds for a spot on the sofa! 

So here we have Sally, fat brown daschund who thinks with her stomach and at 5 years of age has been known to eat Cd's (yes compact discs), bottles of nail polish and her all time favorite, spools of thread.  Linus is our very senile, grouchy old Jack Russell - don't even think about trying to ask him to move so you can sit down!!!!  He's a sweet old thing really, just well OLD. If he's not insisting he sit on your lap, then he'll sit next to you but he MUST be as be right up against you.  He is the reason for the rather ugly spotty blanket on the sofa - he is obsessed with cleaning his paws, much like a cat really.  He  cleans them constantly and creates great big wet patches with his tongue.
So there they are, the Gephart Four - Linus, Lucy, Pigpen and Sally - yes we do have a thing ♥ for Peanuts in this house!
Toodles!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

T'other Two

For those who asked, these are the other two bunnies in our warren......

Both were created from a pattern I purchased from this lovely lady on Etsy (might I note I was inspired by the lovely Louise to go forth and knit these lovelies). I thought they were super easy, even for a novice knitter like me!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the Warren.........

Yes, another rabbit has emerged from the warren (aka my knitting needles).  She's been done for a while but has lacked suitable (any actually) attire to make her blog debut.  I think I may have the rabbit population under control now, I believe with a family of three bunnies I have had my fill of rabbit production.
Happy Friday lovely readers, I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Unlike last year we made it out the door without having to search the neighborhood for runaway dogs!
Happy first day of Grade Three Little J!
Little J had a fabulous first day at school - well it was a half day actually - and I was thrilled when unpacking his backpack to find NO homework!!!!  Yiiipppppeeeee!!  Another homework free night :-)
Best first day back at school ever...............

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sunshine

 Little J and I took advantage of the sunny and slightly cooler weather and his new scooter today and went for lovely walk along this path.  Today we walked away from town,along a section of the path we hadn't been on before.
  Past the old shed.  Little J is fascinated by this shed, I even let him take a sneak peek inside - he assures me it's someones home, probably a hobo (he has a thing about hobos).  Half the roof is collapsed and to me it's rather creepy!

Past the railroad tracks - Little J thinks perhaps the hobo's use the trains to get around?
Sometimes Little J whizzed way ahead of me, encouraging me to run after him and help me chase away those extra pounds!!!!  He assured me not to take offense to this??  None taken I tell him, he's probably right!
Past the trees growing out of the diagonal rock.
And where the path turned and we could no longer see the steeples of town, we turned around.
And headed back into town.
A lovely stroll on a beautiful Sunday with Little J.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Thrift Store Treasures

I snuck by the local thrift store on the way home this evening.  I  did have some intentions for my visit, but as usual, I found a treasure I wasn't expecting.
 These lovely candle sticks.  Is that even the right name for them?  Middle J corrected me and said the sticks are the candles that actually go in them?  If so, then what do I call them?  Candle holders?  I am pretty sure they are called candle sticks, but please correct me if I am wrong.  ☺
Now this super lovely jug was actually something I was looking for!  I think it is just FAB and I needed a jug to catch my dripping kitchen tap so I could use the water for my patio flowers.  Ok so perhaps I didn't NEED another jug, but how could I pass this up????

Now this lovely jar I was looking for.  I am desperate for sealed storage containers to keep dry goods in and keep the pests out.  This one, according to the label was Made In France and cost me a whopping 99 cents!  And of course I think it's FAB.
In addition, I bought a HUGE bag of lovely soft woolly purple yarn in various shades (about 6 balls) for $2.00. 
So it appears the thrift store that a couple of months ago thought was crap is actually turning out to be a little bit of a treasure trove!

PS excuse crap photos, it was dark by the time I took this pics and couldn't be bother to wait until tomorrow to post.  I really feel like I am neglecting my blog these days.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sunday Reveal

Hello lovely readers!  Hope you have had a fab weekend. I won't spoil it with too many words, just photos to reveal the completed Birthday Blanket at last.

And that is my completed Birthday Blanket (not as wonky as the photo would have you believe).  Started in December with yarn chosen by my lovely boy and finished in August of the hottest summer ever!
Wishing you all a lovely week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Forgive me readers for it has been one week since my last post.  My mini laptop is suffering from a severe case of slowpokedness, the desktop has given up the ghost and the heat (weather) has been killing me.  It has taken seven days for me to be able to face the heat on my legs from Mr. VW's fancy laptop while I lounge in front of the fan.  Oh and convince him I won't cause it irreparable damage with my blogging nonsense.
Today I convinced the J's to leave the safety of the TV/XBox and venture out in to the sunshine for a jaunt to this amusement park.  I was up early and dragged them out of bed before the sun rose too high in the sky only to set off on our journey to find the sun had disappeared and simply because I had decided to don shorts for the day it was actually a tiny bit chilly!!!!  By the time we crossed over the Pennsylvania border, it was clear today was NOT a good day for water slides, swimming pools and amusement rides with temperature at just 66 degrees!!!  Can you believe it?  After weeks, possibly even months of scorching heat and humidity that hasn't even let up at night, the one day I manage to drag them out of the house it's wet, gloomy and chilly!
So what do we do to compensate for this disappointment?  A trip to the video game store for Little J for new DS games, a rather expensive technology purchase for Big J and accessories for Middle J at the phone shop. And of course what does any true yarn-o-holic due when they are in the big smoke?  You guessed it!  Look for yarn suppliers on Big J's fancy new piece of technology to purchase yarn :-).  I mean who can say no to yarn at the big retail store 80 miles from home especially when it is half price???

So to leave you lovely people with something more exciting than photos of my newest yarn stash, take a look at these sunflowers.  Both grown from the same seeds, but in two different locations about 50 feet apart. 

This one I grew in a pot.

This one I gave to my neighbor who planted them in her front garden.

Pretty amazing difference eh?

Well I must be off.  Big J is off to Virginia Tech tomorrow and I have to work on composing myself for his big farewell.....

Happy weekend lovely readers!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Revealing the Brussel Sprout!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for say, more than a month, will know that I couldn't possibly have turned my mandala (pattern courtesy of the lovely Alice) in to a brussel sprout.  I am just not that clever,  That was however how Middle J described the green granny clusters of my mandala project!  Brussel sprouts indeed!!!!  But hey, at least he paid enough attention to notice I don't just spend my hours washing dishes and picking up after unruly children and was polite enough to make a semi positive comment.  In addition to which I happened to be quite fond of brussel sprouts, although I am not sure he is?  So perhaps it wasn't semi positive after all???? 
Anywho I'll take what I can get in the way of feedback from my family.  Now lets get back to the reveal of my mandala project.  Do we all remember how it started a week ago?  Gosh hard to believe it was just one week ago!
 Of course the clever Jane (who has been so sweet as to stick by my blog madness for quite some time now) was smack on the money with her first guess of what it might be.  You see Jane and I suffer a similar addiction! Although I think my addiction items spend considerably more time at the back of the cupboard than hers do :-)
Yes it's another bag!!!!  Gosh even I am starting to be concerned about my addiction to making bags.  Mr. VW calls them my 'artwork'.  Isn't that nice of him?  Even the ones I never use. He doesn't complain that I am filling up the limited cupboard space we have with them or purchasing more supplies to make them.  Artwork - nicest thing I think he has ever said!
I have to say, I do REALLY love this bag. I  mean L O V E it!!!!  I have spent the last couple of days admiring it, stroking it and pretending to use it!  I even snuck it out to the Lake before it was lined.  So it may be safe to say that this one will not see the back of the cupboard for some time.
Now the pattern was courtesy of the very talented Alice and the inspiration came from Lucy (of course).  I simply stopped the increases of the mandala when I thought my circle would make an acceptable size bottom to the bag and it came together fast!  Lightening fast. 
Bag Love....
Happy Weekend folks!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooling Off

We took a little ride out to the lake this evening in an attempt to cool off a bit (I promise not to go on about the heat again - did I mention it's still blistering hot with 110% humidity????)
The lake looked very inviting, somewhat green, but cool and welcoming.  The sky however had some rather intense gray haze about it.  The air was so thick it felt like you had to push your way through it.

I had barely sat down, when the sky starting to change.....looking a bit grim!  Although rather cool and quite amazing looking.
We could see the storm  approaching, but still optimistic it would pass us by.  Little J and Big J were well into the water and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  My seat with a view was barely warm.

Then, the water was suddenly cleared of swimmers, sans J & J and I realized it was time to hot foot it back to the car.  We barely made it there before huge drops of rain were smacking on the windshield.  After 15 minutes in a hot sweaty car, we decided to head cooling off for us this evening.  The storm lasted about another hour, serious thunder and lightening, which I love. I was disappointed our trip to the lake was brief, but thrilled that I didn't have to lug the hose around the garden watering my thirsty plants.
And you'll never guess who accompanied us to the was that little distraction .....

Not quite ready for it's big reveal.

Still waiting for it's finishing touches....hopefully time will permit for those to happen tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!  Happy Thursday :-)