Monday, October 25, 2010

The Leaves and other things......

Well as usual, blogger won't load photos in the order I request them and to be honest I can't be arsed to start a fight trying to rearrange them - blogger, YOU WIN!
So, my spaced out brain has almost come back to earth, almost.  If you may recall some time WAY back I bought this lovely yarn. I made thousands of squares, loving the colours and the super soft texture of the yarn.  Ok well, not thousands, but ALOT.  Then I laid them all out, as you do, to figure out a pattern.  It struck me that I would now have to sew them all together!!!  And we all know, I'm way too impatient for that to happen. 
 So I started over.  Well, I didn't frog all the squares, but one by one I've started unravelling them and joining them together as I go.
It took quite a few more attempts than I am willing to admit to figure out exactly how to join each strip together, but I THINK I have it.   
The biggest challenge thus far is being careful not to increase the stitches, which I have perfected - the increasing that is, not the keeping them the same number.  So there as been some coarse language and unravelling.
Obviously a long way to go before Little J will be able to snuggle under this!

Now to those leaves.  I have to admit, we do have the most beautiful views of the autumn leaves in our area.  The drive to school/work each morning (via the interstate) has been breath-taking - almost car crashing breath taking.  Which means I have little no photos of the most magnificent foliage as I'd rather keep my car out of the ditch. ☺
So instead, I took a couple of snaps from the front veranda this evening.
No, not Snoopy and his leaves....

These leaves!  
Sorry, not the most brilliant photo.  The light has been weird this evening, I think as it has been raining. The leaves are nearly done now, but despite the drought this year, they have been magnificent.

Perhaps I will engage Little J's photography skills on the ride to school tomorrow?  He can occasionally be quite handy with the camera.
Well I must be off!  Homework is calling......
Toodles  L x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visiting The Hokie

This last week has had me quite out of sorts.  The sort of out of sorts that has found me frogging more knitting and crochet projects than I have in my entire life. Even my new fancy yarn purchase and a long car ride couldn't keep my mind straight. 
Although the long car ride and the brief visit at the end of it may have attributed to my rather scattered state this last week. You see we made a very brief visit to see Big J last weekend and leaving him was harder than ever.  But I keep reassuring myself he is settled into university life so well and is just a phone call away if he/I needs me/him.  And even if his room could use a tiny tidy up, he's really loving uni life.
He really does have the most beautiful university campus I think I have ever seen.

The kids in his dorm seem to be VERY nice - except of course Dick (* not his real name, just the one appropriately given to him by his dorm mates - I'll spare you the details, but even I approve of this name!).  His grades are fab, thanks to a room mate who is apparently a calculus genius!!!
We spent the afternoon wandering the campus grounds, which are made of the most beautiful stone.  The campus was lovely and quiet, thanks to the homecoming football game which had made getting to the campus a complete nightmare, but had the majority of the population at the stadium.  I have never seen anything like it in my life, I wish I could have gotten a photo of the sea, no make that ocean of people wearing orange and maroon!  Alas, too may cars and people for that to happen.  Little J however, loved the fact they fired cannons each time they scored a point and the fly over of WWII planes at the start of the game, which scared the pants off of me, made his day.
We only stayed for a short 5 hours before leaving to make the long journey home.  I have worried more about him than ever this week, however a phone call to him at 11:30am this morning, which found him still sound asleep assured me things are just fine with him!
P.S. FYI - this beautiful place where my eldest now resides is Virginia Tech (Home of the Hokies - as most on this side of the pond know it). 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Much Needed Organization

 I am FOREVER losing my crochet hooks and small scissors.  I have so many projects on the go in various bags and baskets that I'm constantly losing them.  So I made this little felt pouch to store them all neatly.  I realized during my backyard photo shoot the flowers of the fabric reminded me of my oranges chrysanthemums.  I love it when that happens.
Toodles....L x

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've just returned from a weekend at the IL's summer house and the weather has been glorious, which is just what we needed to brighten our spirits over the S  L  O  W   progress we are making on repairing this house.  It all sounds very romantic to have a summer house and I'm sure it is.  However this poor house which was used maybe ten times a year during the 70's and 80's and then completely neglected for almost 15 years is still suffering.  So we will continue to slog away and enjoy the beautiful views and glorious weather.  One day I may be brave enough to show some photos of the actual house, but not quite yet. ☺

Little J enjoys the extra room to run and the adventures to be had by the water.

I love the tall pine trees that stretch to the sky.

And this small dog (who turns 13 this week) enjoys the waves made by passing boats. 
Even when they drench his little face unexpectedly!  

Regardless, he spent every possible outside moment with his bum in the air and his head down this hole by the water searching for something......
So after a lovely long ride home this afternoon, with the sun shining, the leaves changing and me hooking away on Little J's blanket with a dog on my lap, I'm exhausted!  I'm off to get everything ready for another week at work and school.
Thanks for stopping by....
Toodles.  L x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Secret Stitching :: The Reveal

Now I know this item has winged it's way across the pond and is now safely in the hands of it's owner, I can reveal the secret stitching project.

Just a little something for the courier of my charity scarf project.
I must say, I was quite pleased with how it turned out - despite how wrinkly it looks in the photos.

It even has little pockets for hooks!  Did you find this little pockets Louise?
I was relieved to know she was quite pleased with her little surprise.  I was certainly anxious as this is the first time I've sent something to one of my bloggy friends.

Well another week is half way done and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the weekend.  My boss has been on vacation all week and it certainly makes for stressful times holding down the fort.

Must be off! Yes, there is still homework and a bath to be done this evening.  Running a little behind as we just been next door babysitting a very sweet 2 month old and his lovely 2 year old sister for a few minutes.  I just adore little babies and at my age I particularly love the ones you can hand back to their Mum!

Take care,
Toodles...L x

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Hat

One very simple hat inspired by the lovely hats created by the very talented Alice.  Hopefully it warm my head this winter, although it was made as excuse to use some super soft and chunky wool I found on sale for 99 cents a ball!.  The pattern was sort of a make it up as you go along pattern and it's turned out quite nicely considering my crap knitting skills. 
Well I must be off, there's homework and a bath still to be completed for Little J.
Take care lovely readers and thank you for stopping by. ♥
Toodles....L x
P.S.  Just checked my email to find that my scarf has made it across the pond to Louise!  You have no idea how excited I am to see our scarves's very exciting! ☺

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Green Tomato Chutney

As it seems apparent that the tomatoes left on my vine will never turn red, I decided to try my hand at making some Green Tomato Chutney.  Never tried this before, it was certainly a project that required frequent input from my family.  Such as, "What the heck is that stink?"..."Just going outside for some real air" ...and..."Don't even think about asking me to eat that cr@p".  Well I have to say it did have quite a strong smell, but by the end it tasted delicious!  Chutney doesn't appear to be readily available on this side of the pond - least not in my small town and I love it!  So I will definitely try this again.  Perhaps on a day when I am home alone?  ☺

Friday, October 1, 2010

He Really Does Listen!

Today was a day when I suddenly realized that he does listen after all!
Would you like to take a peep and see what Mr. VW has done this time (it's first actually) to ensure I'll be super nice to him (for at least this weekend anyway ☺)? 
A little yellow package was handed to me when I walked in the door this afternoon. 

Let's take a peek and see who its from......
The prettiest blue envelope, what could it be?
Lovely fabric and the essential notions....
To make a fabulous Semi Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!
Only I think he is FANTASTIC......and so are you Mr. VW. For putting up with the flood of emails I fill your Inbox with including various links to the wonderful items I MUST have.  Thanking for finally succumbing to my pestering and not waiting for a special event!
I ♥ U Mr. VW.