Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Granny Shawl

Just popping by quickly while a have a few minutes.  I've just finished shearing cutting Little J's hair and I do believe it's now safe to say he will no longer be mistaken for a girl!  Yes, his hair was quite long and on more than one occasion recently has been referred to as "she".  Anyway, he's pleased with it (I hope) and is now engaged in some very loud bang bang game on the XBox with Mr. VW.  I have a love hate relationship with that box - love the fact that will engage my men folk for hours, hate the fact that I cease to exist with the thing is on.  Oh well. 

So, it's been a snowy week this week and we're in for more in the next few days.  I quite love the snow, but the cold really gets to me.  These frigid temperatures have made it absolutely necessary - yes absolutely - for me to start on a new project, one of the practical sense.  A lovely green granny shawl, pattern courtesy Ms. Lallyloulou.  I LOVE this pattern, it came together so fast and took just one ball of Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It's deliciously warm and EVER so soft.  Now Caron Simply Soft may be of the acrylic nature, but it is the softest yarn ever and I LOVE it.
Sorry the photos are crap, more grey weather this weekend and it's hard to capture the exact colour of this shawl.  Green is not normally a colour I wear, but I really like this deep green, especially up against my red curtains!  I'm really looking forward to wrapping this around my neck before I toddle off into the cold tomorrow for work and keeping it on while I tip tap away on my laptop in my cubicle which could double as a fridge during the winter months!
Well I must be off, time to burn make dinner and extract my men folk from the blessed XBox so they can eat.  If I start asking them now, they'll actually stop once dinner is ready in, oh say, about an hour!



Louise said...

Oh that looks so lovely and soft. You are a woman of many talents. Hair dresser too!! Try to stay warm. Lx

Ruth said...

I love that Caron's yarn too. I bought some when I went to the US last year - including the very same green you have there! Lovely, soft and shiny acrylic (I can forgive the ever so slight splitting it does because it's such a lovely yarn. So wish I had purchased more. Very pretty shawl too!

marigold jam said...

Love it and how useful too. I have a shawl that I made and have been wearing it as an extra layer round the house during the cold spell it is lovely and warm over the shoulders and back and yet not constricting as a cardigan or jacket might be. I wanted to make another one so will check that pattern out and get hooking.


Maria said...

I am in total agreement with you about Gaming Machines - and I only deal with one male :-)
You might need a little of the heat we are suffering with at the moment. Would certainly mix me up to be dealing with snow at this time of year ☺

Crochet with Raymond said...

It looks lovely Louise! I like the green and in one colour it looks much less granny-licious! I like granny-licious, but I also like the mono-tone look, it will look lovely on.... I think you should model it for us!