Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking Up

Things are starting to look up around here.  
Thank you for all your support on my last post, your words of encouragement really helped me move beyond the fact that teenage boys will be boys and crap cars will always be crap.  Regardless of the challenges they present, in general they are wonderful boys and I wouldn't change them one bit.  And car dealerships will actually give you a trade in a car that doesn't run!
So, a lovely new car has been purchased and a wonderful deal was made.  My first new car EVER!! Which well isn't particularly exciting considering I've been driving for less than two years. :-) 
More good news, Mr. VW received a little promotion at work. Big J got his first semester grades and did quite well. My boss will be out of town three days this week and told me to go home 2 hour early each day! My boss rocks! With the new car purchase last week she let me leave early three days to take care of car purchasing paperwork (well one day was to run down to her house so she could see said new car!)

So a smile is on my face now and the bumps of the new year have been smoothed out.  A little crochet bunting has also helped me get over the bumps.  I can now add new car dealership to the places I've crochet.  Now that brought me a few strange looks!

p.s. thank you Alice for another fabby tutorial


Louise said...

So glad things seem better now. I love the bunting in white I had had the same idea. It looks weddingy and classy. Off to pilates now to put right Christmas excess.

Terrie said...

Ah don't get me started on teenage boys!! Sounds like you've had a hetic start to the New Year but I'm pleased things have smoothed out for you. Your bunting looks great!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Oh nice bunting, is that a little present for your new car??? I think my car would like some bunting...I'll add it to my list. I want to make a crochet dashmat but that and the bunting my be a little OTT...Hubby will never get in my car again, it would be fun though! :-)