Friday, January 14, 2011

Sad & Chicken Ethel

Big J leaves for college tomorrow. 
For some reason, this time more than ever, I have the mega case of the big time sads. 
However, I'm holding it together.....just.
Stocking up his dormroom with yummy things to eat and the things that only a Mum would think of. 
Oh and hooking Ethel.

Cute isn't she?

Sort of my own, make it up as you go creation.

In case you didn't know....
I Chickens.
She serves no purpose, perhaps she could keep an egg warm?  
However, should I decide to add to my flock, then I believe I might add a little zip, some lovely lining fabric and use my little hen to store my little coins!
Mr. VW assures me if I do that, I've most definitely lost the plot.....


marigold jam said...

And with a little handle bingo you'd have another bag for your collection!! Love her - she's cute and why does everything have to be useful? Sometimes things can just be.

Sorry you have the sads but it is part of being a mother this letting go You got over it last time and you will do so again I know. Big J is happy and that is the main thing.

Jane x

Louise said...

Oh no Mr VW! Ethel is so cute. I must hve one too!!!! I have been making something similar for years to cover creme eggs. I also have a bag queued at ravelry Oh maybe hes right!!! At least you're not alone loosing the plot. Huge hugs to you. My Mum also made sure I had plenty goodies at college. Lovely weekend Louise.

Ruth Marie said...

I thought the same when I saw Ethel - it would be a perfectly lovely purse! :)

Maria said...

Lose the plot - it would be so cute (the purse that is) :-)

Clara said...

Love, love Ethel!

Teje said...

Hi Louise, Ethel looks so beautiful! I love also chickens! You could many of them different sizes and bigger for eastern eggs. It would make lovely purse! Your patchwork looks wonderful!
xxx Teje

Tabiboo said...

What a beauty and I love her name.

Chin up as they say though I can only imagine how you're feeling - only a few years now until my eldest flies the nest....I'm dreading it.

take care

Nina xxx

lovestitch said...

Wow, so cuteeeeeee!!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hi Louise! I'm slowly making my way around all of my blog friends after my holiday!!!
I love your white bunting, it looks fab! i'm making bunting right now too, four sets of it to sell in my Mum's shop when she re-opens tomorrow.... Bunting love!!!
And I looooooooooooooooooooooove Ethel, she is fantastic! I think you should write a pattern, even if she is just stuffed and hanging somewhere... my Aunty loves chooks too and I would make her one for her b'day as part of my handmade challenge.... do I need to beg??? :OD