Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turning Around 2011

I am desperate to keep this post as positive as possible, however things have gone slightly *ss up thus far in 2011 here at the Gephart.  I won't go into details, but one of the J's (an older model) has had a teenage lapse of judgement that caused some disappointed.  Teenagers will be teenagers and I fully realized now that kids are way more challenging when they reach the double digits!  Heaven help my sanity!!!!  
On a slightly easier note to deal with mentally, but not financially the old faithful blue car has finally given up the ghost. I must reside myself to the fact that I can't justify pumping another dollar in repairs into the old clunker. 
So I've spent the last two evenings haggling for a new car.  It appears to have worked well thus far, nothing like a sad story and foreign accent to win the hearts of our small town dealer and get trade in $$ for my car that no longer runs!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day of bumming rides to work!

Our last trip in the old blue bucket was a chilly, but fun day at
the park for some sledding!  Well the three J's slid the slops and threw snowballs, while I hooked in the car.  Redesigning, for the third time, Little J's blanket.  I'm having a hard time settling on a style, but I decided it was better to start over than complete a project I didn't really like.  You may remember the blanket from here and here.  Those two designs just didn't seem to be working, so there has been some serious frogging.

And now I think I'm happy with it.  Thank goodness for Grannies!!!!

Ok that's my Tuesday whine, tomorrow, I should have a smile again.  Of course the Gephart National Debt will have increased significantly and will have a serious frown (fingers crossed tightly for new car), but at least I'll have some wheels again! 

I'm off to work on turning this year around!

Toodles..... L  


Helsie said...

Parenthood isn't easy is it and teenagers are the pits. There aren't too many families where the teenagers have been perfect so you're not alone. It gets to the stage that all you want is for them to survive and not cause anyone else injury either !!!
Never mind, when they reach 25 they are all great - can you survive that long with three boys?

Louise said...

Oh dear Louise. Hugs for you. New year new car and an older wiser teen? Maybe? Hang in there!!

Marigold Jam said...

Helsie has said it all - teenagers can be hell! Don't forget it is part of their brief to be obnoxious and difficult and to fight every inch of the way but they do turn out OK in the end if you and they survive that long! Hope the new car materialises OK and causes not too much problem to the finances. Hang in there this is just a blip and things WILL improve and there WILL be good times too. Higs.


marigold jam said...

Maybe that should read hUgs!!


lovestitch said...

Happy New Year, Louise!
I would like to nominate you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Please drop by my blog to take it, you are very welcome!

Maria said...

Good old Grannies, they ALWAYS look good - got to love them. As for kids, teens, adults - its all been said

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I like the granny look too, that blanket will just fly now!

I don't think I needed to hear about how hard teenagers are, I'm having enough trouble with my 8 yr old!!

Hope the new car goes well :-)

Feltland said...

Louise, I do understand you. I believe it was much easier when my "kids" were just kids - teenagers are not always easy, hehe. Wish you the best with your boys !!!

Happy New Year ... ^____^