Monday, January 17, 2011


The lovely Louise sent me a link to this pattern on ravelry and this is one addictive pattern!  The yoyos are quick and easy and the joining method goes very fast and is super rewarding.  Very important for my minuscule concentration span. 

If you have scraps, give it a go.  It really does take the tiniest amount of yarn to make one yo-yo and the pattern for joining is very easy to follow.  Now I can finally justify saving all those tiny bits of wool!!!
OK must be off. 
Louise has posted a fab tutorial for crochet daffodils and as I have zero yellow yarn in my stash and the pattern is calling me very LOUD, I must nip down to LYS for some yellow.
Toodles!  L


marigold jam said...

How pretty and how economical if it uses up such tiny amounts for each yoyo. Must have a go!


Teje said...

Hi Louise! This is most beautiful! I love those happy colours with white! Great idea for left overs! Have a lovely week! Teje

Clara said...

Wonderful and thanks for the link! I've just started some yo yo's so may give this a go or another I've bookmarked.

Louise said...

Oh wow Louise they look so cool, I made a few yesterday but haven't enough to join yet. As for the daffs, oh dear what have I done? Make it a cheap ball of wool and it'll make tons of flowers!!!

Tabiboo said...

That looks super cool.

Happy yo yo-ing

Nina xxx

Pooch said...

How perfect! It looks like a fun project.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Looks like a winner to me! Will have to give it a go, thanks for the link :-)

cata said...

Lovely little blog you have here Louise! I've just became a fan!

Love, cata***

Sarah said...

Hello! Just found your blog! Love the project you've completed, it's so pretty. I've just started to crochet so I may have to try that at some stage!