Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Did She Know???

This evening, after a very long crap day at work, that was over at the office, but not over - ughhh - I was toddling up the stairs to my house contemplating  making a  new key fob for my keys.  To be honest, I was sure I could muster the energy to even craft, but I sure did want a new key fob.
So what a wonderful surprise to see a sweet little package had winged it's way across the pond from my lovely blogging friend.
Of course, like a good little blogger, I resisted the urge to rip open the package and grabbed the camera to capture the event.  (Now please excuse crap photos, no light, so very bad images).
One Lovely Key Fob

One Lovely Tube of Yummy English Chocolate

One Lovely Lavender Heart

I've  been carrying this little lavender heart around all evening.  It's now been carefully placed on the nightstand next to my bed 'cause it smells delicious!  Even Little J commented on how lovely it smells (after he jammed it into  his nose and I quickly snatched it away).  Then he, much like me marveled at the tiny little roses  and pondered "just how are those little roses made"???
The photos really don't do these wonderful gifts justice and they certainly don't portray just how thrilled I was to receive such wonderful gifts.
Thank you Louise, you truly are amazing and a wonderfully generous friend.
Now I'm wondering how far my little package has made it across the pond tto Louise?  Of course, my mind wandered on our little valentine swap and lost focus on the 'theme' - thank you gold fish brain of mine - but I'm hoping Louise will love her little package as much as I have loved mine.
Toodles...L x


Louise said...

I am so glad they got there in one piece. Quick too, 5 days is not bad. I am really pleased you like them. Its so nice to know they are appreciated by a fellow craftsperson.Lx

marigold jam said...

Lucky you to get such a lovely swap package.


teje said...

Hello Louise! What a great present after a long day at work! Also the other hearts are really lovely! You made beautiful crochet hearts at your last post! I wish you sunny day! x Teje

Crochet with Raymond said...

Lovely gifts! How special is that! And I love your hearts form the other day too!

Mrs Twins said...

Thanks Louise for comments on Louise's blanket!
love suex