Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parcels for Across the Pond

Hello lovely readers.
I hope this Thursday or Friday, depending on which end of the world you are reading from, is treating you well.  I must say, I've had one heck of week!  Work wise that is.  All is quiet on the home front, but this week I've barely been home to enjoy the quiet.  All sorts of insanity going on at work, but I won't bore you with the details.
Anyhoo, tomorrow when I have to toddle off the Post Office for work related matters to post some nonsense package to deepest darkest Central America, well actually just Honduras, I'll also be popping some lovely pink parcels in the post to wing their way across the pond. 
You see, my rather lovely bloggy friend and I are enjoying little gift giving/exchange of sweet creations from our stash.  After this event and then this event, we both decided it was this most fun EVER and decided it couldn't end there!
I'm very excited to pop these in the post.  With no like minded crafty/crochet/knitty people in my 'real world' circle, its just the best thing ever (sorry words fail me here, but I know you know what I mean) to have met and made such wonderful friends in the bloggersphere and to be able to share my crafts with them!  Honestly, it really is, because they get it!   They get the excitement and the thrill of creating something wonderful.
 I love my little blog, but best of all I love the little friends I have made from around the globe.
Ok enough of my ramblings...I must be off to practice spelling words.  Little J's spelling words that is, not mine :-)
Toodles and thank you for stopping by.....  
♥ Happy Friday ♥ 


Louise said...

Awwww.You are a lovely lady. Too too excited. Posted mine yesterday.Mine not nearly as nicely wrapped. Can't wait.

Crochet with Raymond said...

That is such a cool idea Louise and Louise! Can't wait to see what you both get!