Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday Reveal

It's an absolutely fabulous spring day here today, although technically it's not spring just yet.  The sun is shining and it's a wonderfully warm fresh day outside. 
Here is the view from our front verandah - blue sky with just the tiniest sweetest white cloud in the sky - just the one white cloud.
(I think perhaps its there to show you just how blue the sky is.) 

A perfect day to reveal my latest completed blanket.  This blanket saw various forms (here, here and starting out here), before I finally decided that the granny is always best.

Honestly, granny's are my fa♥orite all time crochet style.
You just can't beat them.
Simple and fast, just my style.  Although, for some reason, this blanket has taken me an age to complete!
I did a little Picot Edge, which Little J declared are actually crocheted shark teeth - who knew?
Each side being a different colour as I was 'low' on this particular yarn.
It's a wee bit smaller than I had hope, but it's ever ever ever SO cuddly soft thanks to the yarn.  For all it's acrylicness, it's lovely and squishy soft. 
So soft in fact I demanded that Mr. VW touch and stroke it when I laid it out on the bed to admire it's finishedness.
Yes, I'm a tiny bit bossy ☺

Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine.  Mr.VW is painting the stairwell and I must go check on his progress.

Hope the sun is shining with you!
Toodles Lx


marigold jam said...

So glad you have sunshine and blue skies - your winter was long wasn't it?! Love the blue skies blanket too and wish we could touch it too!

Have a good weekend.

Teje said...

Hello Louise! I love your new blanket! Even I love all the colours, these defferent blues and beige are always my favorite - so bautiful, natural and calm! I'm happy to hear you have sunshine and new fast computer (I need that desperate)! xxx Teje

Felicity said...

oh i love your view and your blanket too! fliss xxx

Louise said...

oOOO Lovely blankie. As for the sharks teeth you mean intentional design feature that they are different colours!! Hurray for sun and blue skies

Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

That's a LoVeLy blanket! I really like those colours you have chosen!

That little cloud looks just like the expedia cloud!! :)