Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week.....

Happy Monday!
After a busy weekend, doing alot, but nothing exciting, I'm looking forward to a quiet week with things I love.

This week....

♥ Big J turned 19!  Yesterday actually and I was very sad that I didn't get to see him on his big day:-( 
Missed him more than ever yesterday. 
But I was relieved to hear it was business as usual for him. 
Spoke to him a little after 12 noon (after leaving three voicemails and sending two text msgs)and he was just getting out of bed (normal) and was off to the dining hall for food (normal, he is always on his way there when I call) and he planned a day of homework and XBox (normal)

♥ I planned to incresase the size of this granny pile this week and ship them off to here on Friday. I have enjoyed every second of hooking these lovelies for such a wonderful cause.

♥ Oh and these lovelies make my heart beat faster. 
I stop and 'chat' with them in the garden on my in and out of the house on my way to and from work.  I just had to bring a couple inside to enjoy during my hooking time after my evening chores are complete.

♥ This evening I've enjoyed sitting my sunny bay window before the tea is made (Mr. VW volunteered his pizza ordering services) to hook a few lines of a new project. 
A project specially requested by Little J.
What Mummy can say no to a little request for ANOTHER hooky blanket, even if the colours are slightly dubious????

♥ In addition to my lovely yellow daffs I was fortunate to find this sweet smelling beauty at the supermarket the other day. 
A VERY rare find in these parts.
Sweetest smell EVER. 
After a long day at work its just the loveliest thing to smell when you first walk in the door.

Well I must love you and leave you. 
Unfortunately my evening may have gotten of to a sweet slow start, but I hear homework calling (ugh) and there is a poor 9 year old boy, who is covered head to toe in poison ivy and in need of a warm bath and a good dose of calamine lotion.
Wishing you all a lovely week!
Toodles .....  Lx


Louise said...

Wow busy time, Happy birthday big J get well soon little J!! the hooky looks lovely too.Have a great week!!

Regula said...

I've had a lovely week (depends on how you look at it though). How about yours?

Have a nice weekend!

Teje said...

Hello Louise! Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late for that. How lovely flowers you have - hyacinths are so amazing with they lovely smell! Your crochet is wonderful!
xxx Teje