Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busting at the Seams....

I'm busting at the seams with excitment.
On account of this leg, which some of you may remember.
Which just happens to be friends with this head.

Joined of course by a body, which belongs to this guy.
Who was destined to go across the pond  to my lovely same name friend.  But I fear he will not pass border 'quality control' as I failed miserably with the pattern and if you look up his bum you can see all his bits and bobs.  And you see his 'whatsits' are supposed to be covered by a super duper special lining.  Which no matter how hard I tried I could not get to fit.

HOWEVER, there is a wonderful upside to this story my dear Louise.
For following this terrible failure, I was struck by the most amazing creative thought courtesy of that now very famous granny mandala over at Alice's place.
Which I'm afraid I can only give you a sneaky peaky of, because I do not wish to ruin the surprise.
But if I don't give you a sneak at all, I fear I may bust at the seams with excitment.

So here is your sneak. 
Which I might add received a positive comment well beyond his customary grunts from Mr. VW. 
Comments to the effect of
"Wow, you mean, you're shipping her away?"

Fear not my lovely readers, for all will be revealed shortly.  As soon as this feathered crocheted friend of my has winged it's way across the pond to old Blighty.

Toodles.... L x

I hear book reports and spelling words calling my name....


Louise said...

Boooom. Lou explodes with excitement!! for the record I love the chook but I agree, it was far too hard and didn't end up as lovely as the photos. The beak looks really sharp!!!!

Regula said...

I like your guy with leg and head. :-)

Crochet dude said...

love the chicken really cute

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Too cute! Can't wait for the reveal :-)