Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Please forgive me for my absence, but the hard drive of the lovely new computer we bought just last month unexpectedly popped it's clogs.  Not that you would ever expect a brand new shiny hard drive to just give up the ghost, but it did. 
Thank goodness for warranties.
So I'm just bobbing by quickly on this Wednesday evening to say .....
"Isn't this the SWEETEST fabric you have ever seen?????"

Well the photo is crap, but it's dark and I simply couldn't wait for the sun to shine before I could share it.
OK must be off. 
Homework is done, but there is still a bath to be had.
And of course, it's Wednesday, so that means GhostHunters!


Louise said...

Ooo yes what a find. I have found a great thing for boys!! I will PM you the web site. You will have to study this onefirst and a gps is needed. I am just about getting my head round it but it sounds like fun for ALL the family.

Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

lUvErLy fabric!!! Speaking of popping clogs I have been eyeing up some lovely Swedish red wooden clogs on the t'internet which are just sooper dooper. My husband thinks I am mad and has said if I buy them I must never wear them when I am with him.... I'm guessing from that he REALLY likes them - not!

Helsie said...

You know the same thing happened to my new computer. It was my Christmas present! Luckily it gave me a warning it was about to die and I backed everything up and as you say warantees are fantastic so all is OK just unexpected.

Tabiboo said...

It still looks fabulous - I love it.

take care,

Nina xxx