Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A very lovely little package was waiting for me when I came home.
A little box that had winged it's way across the pond from a rather lovely lassie in Yorkshire.
 Yes my same name bloggy sister and I have been continuing our little swap madness.
This swap had me saying OMG a zillion times as I unpacked the little box.
Here is Clotilde (excuse my french, 'cos I got no clue how to pronounce that one)
I'm informed shes a french hen egg cosy, a distant relative of the one I created, but related by pattern only! 
'Cos she's got her bits and bobs in order!
Quite a fancy lady she is!
Isn't she AMAZING?
She has a beautiful lining and the crochet flowers are perfect.

 She was not alone on her journey across the pond.
Her travelling companion was the sweetest tea cosy ever, a.k.a. Chicken Betty. 
Ms. Betty has her roots in a very famous granny mandala of N.Z. origin.  Alice, did you know your mandala pattern is so versatile?
 And will you look at these litle sweeties who popped in the box for the journey too?
Miss Mouse
 Little Rabbit
 And this tiny little chick, which I saved from Little J.
Dear Ms. LallyLouLou thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity and enjoying this swap madness with me.
I L♥VE your little creations so much! 
They will have center place this Easter Sunday!

P.S. Most of the yummies included have been devoured already - so much for waiting till Easter, we're shockers for self control in this household when it comes to chocolate, especially the English variety!

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Louise said...

Hey the tea cosy fits, what luck. I am so glad you like them Louise. I am also glad you got the chocolte "cleared away" Its nice isn't it? You are so welcome!!