Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Moon

Yes, I know not the worlds greatest photo of the moon. 
Trust me, it does look quite fabulous in real life and quite frankly it's the best snap I've ever been able to take of it.
It is however, far better than the 'moon' that a certain J wanted me to snap with a silly little 9 year old giggle after he climbed out of the bath!  :-)

Cheeky b*gger...


Happy Thursday folks
just one day till the weekend ♥


lovestitch said...

I love watching the moon too, and you've taken a very beautiful photo!
Hope you have a happy weekend ahead! x

Louise said...

Aw aw awwwooooooooo!!

stitches from wales said...

now the way you're talking, you could be British!! Your photography is far better than mine. BTW many thanks for your comments on my blog

Regula said...

Happy Full Moon. For all who want to take a picture 4.44


Reality Jayne said...

i like a nice full moon on a summer night