Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Into the Woods...

I spent a glorious day yesterday with the youngest J on an educational AND interesting field trip with the rest of the 3rd Grade.
 We ventured out to Rocky Gap State Park which is just a hop skip and jump from home. 
 While the children study the life of a sweet, but very muddy stream....
 I enjoyed the amazing green canopy......
 ...with a watchful eye for Little J to ensure he didn't end up in the drink.
We enjoyed stream play, hiking and meeting the resident rescue owls. (The best bit ever, but no photos as the amphitheatre was quite dark and camera flashes were a big no no).
This is Little J's fifth field trip since starting elementary school and I'll mark this one down as the best so far.

Sorry to rush off.  I re-enacted the great Humpty Dumpty fall down our back garden steps on Sunday and my ankle is still swollen to the size of a melon.  Not painful mind you, but rather large so I have a meeting with an ice pack.  It actually makes me realize that my ankles, when not swollen and blue, aren't as fat as I thought they were. ☺

Toodles, Lx ♥ 


Louise said...

Oh poppet, feel better soon. The great outdoors look very inviting.

nerospostandpatch said...

Hi Louise! What a wonderful place! That looks like in the lake where my family has the summer house in Finland! I wish this time of the summer, I could be there!
Have a lovely time! x Teje