Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Rain and other things.....A Chook

Firstly, before I get onto the rain and other things, why do you think someone stops following your blog?  I mean, obviously the long gaps between posts and my endless dribble are cause enough, but I do worry I've offended someone.  50 to 51....Ho hum....51 one where did you go?

Now on to the rain.  Just briefly. I'd like to say, "Thank you sir, we've had enough."  That's all I have to say about the rain.

The other things.  Well the 'other things' were going to be the ta-dah moment of the biggest crochet blanket ever! Well it's not really the biggest in the whole world, just the biggest ever at 836.  Thanks to that Royal To-Do and a lovely day at home a few days back, the blanket of dubious colours which I briefly mentioned back here is finished. However, the rain which began in big drips the minute I hung it on the line to photograph and, oh the dead camera batteries nixed that ta-dah idea.

OK OK before I dropped down to 49 I'd better post a photo.
Or four.
And of something mildly interesting.
Do you remember this lass?

She winged her way across the pond.
But I ♥ her so much, I had to post photos of her.
I'm thinking she needs a sister. ☺
One to stay on this side of the pond.
Just briefly....if that is even possible for me.
She started with Mandala Pattern. 
Which I basically stopped the increases when I felt the base was big enough.
Decreased ever slightly in the as the 'bowl' shape came together - I think i just skipped the chains between each granny - if that makes sense, which it probably doesn't.
Then I focused on making the head shape. 
Which is basically some double (US) granny clusters that I reduced at each end.
I then went around the edge with single crochet, to firm it up a bit - am I making ANY sense?
Then I just created some scallops for her tail.
Singled crocheted the handle.
Crocheted in the round for her comb and beak.
In a nutshell - I WINGED it!
Now that was probably the worst description/how-to you've ever read!
Gosh I hope your still with me.
But I think it just goes to show, you can create just about anything with crochet, if you put your mind to it!
Oh and she's lined, with some scrummy polka dot fabric!
And she now lives in Yorkshire.
Where I believe she part took in some Easter festivities....

Toodles Lx

You guessed it, homework calling.
Tonight we have spelling words, a book report and a science project!
Hurry up school holidays!!!!!!

P.S.  To be honest, I'm not really concerned how many followers I have - all though I am pleased that someone likes my blog enough to follow it.  I just hope I haven't p*ssed anyone off ☺


Louise said...

Yep definately weird when that happens. Chicken Maryland as I have called her is still roosting on the mantle. She was a huge part of Easter and the Royal Wedding. I cherish her very much you are one clever bird yourself Louise!!!

marigold jam said...

Who knows why! Probably better to have 50 people who really enjoy what you write than 150 who don't bother to read your posts anyway! Quality not quantity eh? Love the little chicken bag (chiken is a basket rather than in a bassket perhaps?) - you are so clever.

Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

I wouldn't pay any attention to the lost follower. The "following" thing kind of irks me a bit if you get what I mean. I think we all at times (me included - particularly when I first started blogging nearly 3 years ago) sometimes get too stressed about following numbers. These days I just don't care anymore. Those that will read, will read and those that don't won't. :)

Love your chickie bag! It's clucktastic!!! (sorry)

Regula said...

Obviously, I am not number 51, because I still love to read your blog. Even though I share your concerns in a way, kind of from the other side. I mean what is it supposed to mean if a post is deleted? It happens, but maybe it's just a mistake. I don't want to offend anybody either.

I think written language can be tricky. It's a one way conversation mostly.

Anyway, I love your hen! And your bolg!

Teje said...

Hello Luise! That is the most sweet hen! What a wonderful idea!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!
Sunny weekend to you! Teje