Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Golly ........

....blogger has been quite naughty lately hasn't it?  I was starting to worry I'd never be able to post a comment on some of the lovely posts I've been reading. 
I'd even done some research on moving over to Typepad!
I was starting to feel very despondent about the whole matter.

:: Naughty blogger, you really must behave ::

So to all those lovely blogs that I normally pop by, please forgive me for my absence, I have been reading your wonderful posts and trying like mad to leave comments.

You know I couldn't even stay signed into blogger?
Please tell me I wasn't alone.
It was about driving me crazy.

My fingers are crossed it is fixed now.

And I'll be back shortly to share the ever growing pile of WIP's that I have created in the last few weeks - I've had a terrible attack of startitis
Don't laugh or be shocked, you all know how I am and I know I'm not ALONE!

Happy weekend lovely readers!

Toodles L ♥

P.S. I've just come back from a short pootle around blogville to discover that I spoke to soon....blogger is still being very very naughty!


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Louise! This is my first time here, and I found myself reading back, and back some more... love all your crochet work, quilting, etc... I happen to love chickens and roosters myself!.. Well, at least I love them in my kitchen anyways! My newest hobby is scrapbooking and paper-crafting, but my first love is crocheting. I've been crocheting since I was just a young girl, and have continued to love it ever since! Nice to meet you today. I'm now a follower!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

marigold jam said...

I had the opposite problem - I couldn't sign out! Great to have you back now though and those crochet squares look great. Looking forward to seeing all your started things. If you don't have a WIP how you ever gonna have a finished piece (apologies to South Paciffic!)

Have a great weekend. Hope Blogger gets sorted for you soon.

Louise said...

Hi Louise, yep we've all had that problem. Awful isnt it? I love the squares. You and Alice have got me knitting!!! I can't be left out it seems. I bought a book. Ha, just what I needed, another vice.

"Never Knew" said...

Startitis hits all the time at our place. :)
Caz from Never Knew

Teje said...

Hi Louise! I love your grannies and I miss so much crocheting!
You are not the only one with the comment problems. I have wordpress and for some blogs I can comment like before (yours is ok for me) but in some others it asks me to sign in (even I'm signed in) and it asks again, again, again...gggrrr. Then I need to choose wordpress as a profile, but then my 'Nero icon' doesn't show. Hope they fix this soon!
Have a lovely time and thank you for your lovely comments!
xxx Teje

lily said...

Hello Louise, lovely blog.

I found a way to leave comments on the "embedded below post" option blogs........when blogger asks you to sign in to your dashboard make sure you leave the "stay signed in" box unchecked, worked for me........I have a post on my blog with more info about the comment options you can choose to display on your blog.....titled "Darn Blogger".

Hope this helps,
lily x