Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Brown Cat

 I've been having a little fun with my crochet lately.
This was one of the sweetest and most fun projects I've made in a long time.
It can be found on ravelry here.
 I even managed to keep track of my stitches, which in the past has eluded me during my attempts to crochet in the round.
And I even stole some little pellets from Little J's BB Gun to put weights in the feet, hands and bum!
I only wished I had made her nose pink instead of brown.
Big J has requested a Amigurumi in the form of a Virginia Tech Hokie.  Only trouble is there doesn't seem to be much calling for a Amigurumi Turkey with big muscles like the Hokie!
So I'm off to hunt the Internet for the elusive Hokie Amigurumi.

Toodles... L x

P.S. Hope the weather is cool where you are.  By the time I arrived home this evening the weather man informed me it felt like 100°F outside!  Luckily none of the J's had melted after a day at home in the heat.


Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, YES, the temps were miserably high today, with humidity, feeling about 100 degrees! Every fan has been running, and it looks like more of the same tomorrow. We just have to be tough, and hang in there, I guess. They say the weekend will be better.. Love your kitty! SO CUTE!!.. and I think his nose looks just right, just the way it is!.. Have a good night, and keep cool! ~tina

The Garden Bell said...

Great job. I have yet to try something this complex. But, you never know, we were near 100 today too and I have a feeling we are now in for a long hot summer.

lovestitch said...

Wow! Your Brown Cat looks really cute! Thanks for sharing the link. It's very hot here, same as your place, it's 37-38oC! I'm going to be melted if there's no conditioner! :)
Great day to you anyway!x

Louise said...

Oh you guys, way to make me envy you. Weather - Yorkshire!!! Wet and windy. Love the cat Louise so cute. You could invent your own turkey surely? I am going to make you a stitch marker, I really use mine lots in amiwhotzit.

stitches from wales said...

HI, I too envy you having a summer, although I must say 100 deg would be a bit much. Not much of a summer here in wales UK.
thanks for your comment on my blig re the horse fly bite. It's nearly gone now.
Love your little cat but Amigurumi is not for me, too fiddly!
Keep cool xx Pauline