Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Hexagons

I used to be strongly opposed to hand sewing, but I sure am l♥ving the process of sewing these little beauties together when I get the odd/rare quiet moment.

Happy Wednesday!

Toodles.... L x ♥


Regula said...

I love hand sewing. It is relaxing whereas machine sewing seems like work. :-)

At the moment I have lots of endings to weave in. Very relaxing.

marigold jam said...

That's lovely - I wouldn't have the patience but I adore the effect of all those random pieces.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Those Hexies are so cute! What is it going to be??

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your hexagons are super! Really like them!
Lucy xx

Helsie said...

Hey Louise,
I've got about a hundred of those made up and ready to join together. Mine are big ones, not those teeny, tiny ones you make with paper. I should start to sew them together. You've inspired me !

Teje said...

Hello Louise! What a beautiful sight! I love colourful hexagons, but I'm affraid I couldn't do all that work by hand.
Enjoy your relaxing sewing!
xxx Teje

Sarah said...

Hello, I absolutely love the fabrics in your hexagon quilt. I dream of making a pieced hexagon quilt made up entirely of different fabrics. One day perhaps. Thank-you for taking an interest in my blog and for being the only person to post a comment on it! Kind wishes to you, from Sarah.