Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy Sunday Sewing

We've had that crazy rain today.  You know the kind that falls by the  bucket load with big plip plop plops one minute and stops the next?  Sort of a thunderstorm with lightning and thunder, but its' over almost as quick as it begins.
Although the rain put a slight damper on our plans, at least it's cooler, even when the sun comes out.
For that I am very thankful, the humidity has been barely tolerable these last few days.
So I've spent a lovely day rescuing the fabric I destroyed last Sunday in a pathetic attempt to make a blouse for myself.
A seamstress is just another item I'll add to the list of things I CAN'T do.  It's right below knitting, but my knitting woes are a story for another day.
So I resurrected my blouse and made myself a pinny!
Or apron as I believe most folks call them.  
I even made a rather feeble attempt to embroider a little hen on the front to cheer myself up a little when I wear it. Hopefully push away the frustration I experienced with my blouse sewing disaster.
At least I was able to save this lovely piece of fabric I picked up a few weeks back for next to nothing.
Well I must be off.  I've recently secured a lovely new tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup (rare as hens teeth on this side of the pond - mail order only you know) and I'm off to don my pinny and whip up some yummy Anzac Biscuits for our afternoon tea.

Toodles......Lx ♥


Helsie said...

Glad to hear you keep up some Aussie traditions - and making Anzac biscuits is one of the best!!

Louise said...

Ah yes a pinny!!! Me too. Love Anzacs also. Although for years called them Grandma Blacks (she made them)Feel the same about knitting, is it worth it?

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Pinny....I haven't heard that for a long time. Mum used to call them that. .Golden Syrup = Anzac biscuits!! Yum :-)

Love the pinny too and the cute little chicken. Your sewing looks great to me!

Meant to say thanks for your lovely wishes about Tally, we are moving on and starting to get back to normal again :-)

Regula said...

With a piece of fabric and a ball of yarn rainy Sundays aren't a problem.