Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swedish Horsey & Ric Rac

For the record, I L♥VE those little Swedish Dala horses
I don't own any real ones unfortunately, but I'm saving my pennies.....and thinking wistfully.
In reality, I love anything horsey.
Back in the day, a very long time ago, when I still lived in the land Down Under, when my clothes size was still in the single digits, I owned my very own real live horse. 
Her name was Jedda and I loved her dearly for many many years.
But that was a long time ago and now I live on a steep hill with a tiny garden and can only dream of the sweet horse of my youth and the hope that one day I'll be back perusing single digits on the clothing racks.
Anyway, enough of my reminiscing dribble.
Let's take a look at my current sewing/crochet madness shall we?
But you must please excuse crappity crap crap photos. 
Our stairwell is barren of much light, especially when it requires keeping the curtain closed for photographic purposes.
So one day while wistfully dreaming of dala horses, I decided to girlie up my stairwell window with these sweet ponies.
And I appliqued some felt horses on to a plain piece of cream fabric.
Do you see my little handmade crochet ricrac?
Pattern courtesy of the lovely Foxes Lane.

And then girlie up the top with a lovely little ruffle and some more ricrac.
Mr. VW, bless him, has declared the hallway a lost cause for all men folk after I demanded he paint it pink a few weeks back.
Being surrounded by so many men folk, I decided at the very least the stairwell could be dedicated to some girlieness.
It's not like anyone hangs out in the stairwell, except maybe the cat.

Righto, better be off to feed my men folk, before they start a protest.


P.S.  To be honest, I'm on the fence about this curtain.  It's quite silly really, considering their are no small girls in our house.  For now it will stay, but I fear by years end (or sooner) it will end up in the back of the cupboard keeping the rest of my 'opps' projects company.


Helsie said...

Oh well enjoy it while it's there !

Louise said...

I think its fab. I hope it stays. A true designer piece.

Regula said...

The curtain looks fabulous.

And I understand exactely what you mean with "the men folk" and as I have a husband and four sons.