Monday, June 6, 2011


Blinking blogger is STILL having problems and won't let me load any photos. 
Not even one....  >○○<
I was SO excited to show you what I did with that ric rac I made way back in March! 
But blogger has decided otherwise.
My apologies to Big J and Little J for pleading with them to get off XBox Live to I could blog - apparently they weren't the cause of my Internet/blogging woes.
So I'm off to work on my WIP's, but never fear.....
I'll be back!!!!


Louise said...

What a bummer. I am going to try myself today.

Pearly Queen said...

I had a problem like this and solved it by taking the photo's code on Flickr and pasting it in to Blogger.
I do that all the time now!

Tabiboo said...

We had some problems last month, but all seems OK now.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Nina x