Sunday, July 31, 2011

Basket Case

Last Sunday, or perhaps it was the Sunday before as I've lost track of the days with the sweltering heat we've been having, we took a little jolly down to Harper's Ferry.  If you've been reading my blog for too long, you may recall I went there once before when the weather was the complete opposite.
Needless to say, the sun was blistering hot, my companions (of the smaller variety) complained endlessly.  And I mean ENDLESSLY - to the point where I was either going to cry or run off screaming - I believe I may have shouted once and turned a few heads (oops, mega embarrassment). 
The intolerable heat only worsened the situation.  
I therefore took no photos. 
Not a single solitary one.
I did however manage, whilst bribing complaining child with $$, to pick up a little basket weaving kit.  Despite my better judgement and the difficulty I had experienced before as apparently I'd lost all sense of good judgement and was hoping for a curing spot of retail therapy.

As it turns out, basket weaving is still not my forte.  Unless you'd like a lopsided likely to fall over wobbly basket. 
And as it turns out, my lovely friend across the pond knew that my little basket needed all the help it could get and sent me the most delightful crochet flower along with the wonderful yarn she sent me.
Although of course she had no clue I was buggering up the basket weaving process again and a sweet flower would be just the ticket. At least now I have a matching pair of wobbly handmade by me baskets.

Happy Sunday!

I hope your Sunday finds you in a lovely cool place.

Toodles.... L x ♥.  


marigold jam said...

I think the basket is lovely - it has a hand crafted rather than a machine made look and if it is not perfectly straight then that only adds to its charm. I remember going to Harpers Ferry many many years ago in the heat - it was a lovely place but we enjoyed the area alongside the river more than the shops as it was cool there. I have a little racoon soft toy which my daughter chose - aged 6 , daughter not the racoon, and which she for some reason called Francis!! Memories eh?!

Grateful4Crochet said...

The basket looks lovely, and whilst I am sure you can tell it's lopsided, it just looks amazing and pretty to me, and I am in awe that you made it!!

Louise said...

I cant believe you made it. When I saw the picture thought Yay shes found a basket cos I know you were looking for one. Its lovely!! It feels hot and humid here too but I bet not nearly as hot as you have it. Got a wingy kid too, Cornwall on Saturday so at least I can share him with Mr.You are so talented Lady.

Jessie said...

I find it beautiful! I have always thought the hardest part about basket weaving is getting the weave to lay evenly. You seem to have that part down! I love the color in it, too.

Teje said...

Hello Louise! I think your basket is wonderful and so unique with your special flowers! I love baskets and miss them. I love also the shawlet you have made and your latest yarn is beautiful - how nice to begin to knit something with those lovely colours!
xxx Teje