Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First.....

.....crocheted cardigan!!!!

Well to be technically correct, it's not my first attempt to crochet a cardigan.
Oh no, no, no. 
It's actually the fifth, but the other four never made it to the sleeves they went so horribly wrong!!!  I even tried knitting a cardigan, but I suck at knitting, so my knitting project was axed quite quickly - simple as that. 
Finally, I found this pattern on ravelry (don't you just L♥VE that site???), used completed the wrong yarn (but I do love this yarn), but on attempt number 2, I realized it would only work with some minor 'make it up as you go along' bits.  It was super duper easy to modify as you go.  That's what I like about crochet as opposed to knitting.  You can always rip back a few rows without too much major fuss.
 As you can see, I decided to only do the pattern around the yoke of the cardigan.  I thought it might get a little 'busy' if I did the entire thing.
Oh and at this point have decided against sleeves.  Not because I don't think they'll be super easy, but just because I can't be arsed :-) But that might change and I still have three balls of wool left - it took about 5 balls total.
Now, if you contemplating a crocheting a little bit of woolly goodness to wear, I highly recommend this pattern.  It's mega easy.  In fact, I feel fairly confident it could be modified to to be just a plain cardigan if you wanted something simple as it's worked from the top down.  I simply kept trying it on as I went along and followed the easy peasy instructions for making the armholes once I was comfortable that it was fitting across my shoulders nicely.
Please let me know what you honestly think.  The boys agree that it looks very nice on, but Big J thinks the buttons are a bit much.  I might have to agree with him.
Now all I need is some cool weather so I can wear it and if I don't fall out of love with in the meantime, then I will definitely make another.

Must be off!
Toodles L x ♥


marigold jam said...

Love it and love the buttons too! I have been on the lookout for a pattern for a summer cardi/bolero so must dash over to Ravelry now!

"Never Knew" said...

It looks great! Well done!
I just completed my first successful cardigan, too! And, I also didn't really feel like doing the sleeves... but I did do them in the end, and I'm so glad I did.
Either way (sleeves or not), yours looks wonderful.
Caz from Never Knew :)

Marion said...

WOW...wonderful work of you!
Love the colours!
Send you many Greetings,

Louise said...

Its really lovely Louise. I am so sorry that the yarn parcel hasnt arrived yet, I do hope it does soon.

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your sweater!!! Beautiful job you did on it!.. And love the pattern too! I may have to try this one! Very pretty!.. I have done cardigans before, and have ONE favorite pattern, which I would love to make even several sweaters in different colors!! (Ha! Ha!.. If I could only find the time!) But sometimes I think the hardest part can be the sleeves. I have long arms, so I usually have to increase the length. I've had trouble where the sleeves would stretch, and then the sleeves were WAY too long!! At least it's not difficult to just remove a few rounds, if you have to... Anyways, VERY NICE WORK!! Have a great weekend! Enjoy! ~tina

The Garden Bell said...

Very cute. I've done the same thing. They are hidden around here somewhere. But, this pattern looks fun. Going to pin it to make sure I have the link over to rav.

Regula said...

Nice, nice, nice. Certainly you will enjoy the next rainy days.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

That is a lovely cardi! It reminds me of the Shalom knitted cardi which is on my list but I bet that this one is much quicker and easier to make.....might have to revise my list :-) You could try some wooden buttons to be more earthy but I think those buttons look nice. Thanks for your comment on my horse post, just haven't gotten around to replying yet. That little pony is a real sweetheart now that he is not so scared.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

What a lovely cardigan... and my favourite colour too!
Lucy xx

millefeuilles said...

That cardigan is truly beautiful. I want to start crochet even more now.... Where will I find the time to do it ALL?

I've just finished knitting an 'Angelica' cardigan for my daughter Angélique. It's fabulous when you finish, isn't it? On to the next project...

winkieflash said...

Love your cardigan!!! <3
By the way, did you hear? ...You got a Liebster Blog award! :D Check out my post about it at - Congrats!

Jessie said...

Oh so pretty! I just love it. Wear it with pride and happiness.