Monday, July 18, 2011

The *New* Doormat

If you can believe it and promise not to tell anyone, Big J helped me with this rather fun crochet project.
 He seemed to enjoy cutting long continuous strips of Little J's old T-shirts that were too worn/stained to go to the charity shop.
And when he saw the size of the hook I used (it was a biggie, almost too big for my little hand to hold) he even asked to have a little try at crochet!  I reminded him that he could crochet quite well when he was 6 and after 13 years he picked it back up quite quickly.
Definitely a fun project and a good way to recycle old T-Shirts.
I believe this one may end up at the back door for the hounds to wipe their feet on.
Toodles..... L x ♥


"Never Knew" said...

Love it! Looks great! I've been collecting old t-shirts; this is on my "to-do" list for some time, but haven't got to it yet.
Caz from Never Knew :)

lovestitch said...

Wow! It's really great! So creative and such a wonderful way to recycle old T-shirts!!! Especial with the help from your Big J!!! He he he!!!
I love your cardi in the last post, it's amazing!!!

Louise said...

Hey great job Louise. Well done big J too. Love the colours.

Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

Oh I likey a lot!! I would love to have a go at something like this - better get saving some t shirts first! :) I loved your cardi in the last post too - blogger wasn't letting me comment (yet again). Blogger is a pain in the ass at times.

Jessie said...

You are awesome! I love recycled projects. Many of our old tees that are in too sad shape to pass on to others end up as rags. I keep thinking I want try the tee shirt yarn trick, but I have so many other projects in queue right now...

Jessie said...

Oh, and Big J rocks! That is so great that he helped out.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Such a great idea and it looks great too!
Lucy xx

Teje said...

Dear Louise, this is so great carpet and I love those happy colours! I'm happy that you had even help to make it! I have been cutting also some t-shirts, but we don't have so beautiful colours.
Your new cardigan is also really beautiful!
Best wishes from Teje

millefeuilles said...

Hello Louise,

Such happy colours and a great project to share.

I'm happy to have visited you again.


Boxoftrix said...

Wish I could crochet! this is a great idea for using old it!