Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Total Cr@p

I am total and utter cr@p at finding stuff on Ravelry and then remembering to put it in my queue.  Inevitably I print the pattern in a frenzy of excitement over finding the perfect pattern and then skip off to somewhere else on Ravelry totally forget where I found the pattern to begin with.  Or in this case, I copied parts of the pattern excluding the pattern title to a word doc, printed them out and toddled off to start my project.

So if by chance you know where I found this pattern, please please let me know.  I'm enjoying the process of adding my 'projects' to Ravelry. If I could only enjoy the process of creating a queue.  I think the word 'queue' just stresses me out and makes me impatient!

One thing I did remember to add to my queue was a pattern for another lovely cardigan!  I love the overall design, however my plans call for making it much longer.  My waist has been long lost to laziness and no-one needs to see where it's supposed to be! ☺  Anyway, it's a lovely pattern don't you think?
After all your encouraging comments on my first attempt, I'm really excited to get started!

Before I rush off to burn the dinner, thank you to the lovely Marinke for giving me the Liebster Blog Award .  I'm always nervous to pass this award on to others as I know some are not fond of them plus there are so many lovely blogs out there I wouldn't know where to start. But thank you very much for your kindness!

Toodles... L x ♥ 


"Never Knew" said...

I know what you mean about queuing on Ravelry. It's like it is publicly telling everyone and anyone that you plan to make ALL those things?? And then everyone and anyone thinks: well, where are they? Hurry up, then! I started a queue list once, but deleted it. I couldn't handle the pressure! LOL Sorry, can't help you with that shawl pattern - but it looks great!
Caz from Never Knew :)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I can't find the time to add things to Ravelry either but I guess I am going to have to if I want to start selling wool :-( That cardi is really nice I think it will look fabulous in a longer length...I really like anything with an empire line, hides all those sins :-)

Louise said...

No idea what pattern the shawl is but you made it look lovely. I have the cardi queued too! I'll happily queue anything, I have accepted my layzness. Making a neck scarf with some of the wool you sent me, It is so soft.

Ruth @ The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

My problem is that I go through a gazillion patterns and fave TONS of stuff - then I forget what I have faved and when I want to make a particular something I forget about all the faves I already have and go looking again! I've done that this week with a hat I want to make (knitting again!) and spent an eternity looking for something when I should have just looked in my faves. I'm such a dumbass at times, no actually a lot!! :)

Yiota said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! Wonderful colours!

Anca's Strickchörbli said...

Hello,It could be the Seraphinaschawl!

I made it for several time,and I recognized it,I like that pattern because you can play with the collors and the result ist always super.
Liebe Grüesse aus der Schweiz,Anca.