Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gift Yarn - The Project Reveal

I was waylaid on my way to write this post as my lovely Uncle M just rang from London to check in and make sure we survive Irene.  He doesn't ring often and he's always such I delight to chat with and I love hearing stories of his new allotment and travels around the U.K.
So I'll be brief, even though I've been dying to finish and share this project made from my lovely gifted yarn.

 It's the loveliest softest yarn I have ever worked with and I have since ordered more!
 Even ordering this yarn from across the pond it still works out way cheaper than any yarn I can buy locally as shipping from here is free!  Oh and the service was fantastic.
I knew as soon as I saw this yarn that I would make the lovely  Louise's Granny Shawl Pattern.
I absolutely love it. 
I can't wait for the cool weather so I can use when I sit on my front verandah or watch Little J run at the park or on the chilly cold winter evenings in our old drafty house.

Thank you -Thank you - Thank you Louise

for sending me this delicious yarn!

Must be off!

Toodles... L x ♥


The Garden Bell said...

WOW.. This looks gr888. I love the colors and look of this yarn. I may just have to do some shopping across the pond. Did it take long to arrive. What is that yummie dark olive green? I don't think I saw it on the DK list or did I just miss it?

Louise said...

Wow amazing!!! Have I created monster? It looks so lovely and girlie, I LOVE IT!!!!

marigold jam said...

Looks great and I have added that website to my favouyrites and will go back and have a look at whgat they sell - thanks.

The Garden Bell said...

Oh, noooooooooo... I've been shopping already this morning.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love that Granny Shawl, what a great idea! Thankfully I am into trying to use up my stash and spinning my own at the moment so I am not tempted....doesn't mean I won't be in the future :-)

Tea at Weasel's said...

I just had to comment on this post (saw it after scrolling down your page to add myself to your followers list!)... What a gorgeous shawl, I love the colour yarn you have used and the pattern is fab... might have to try this myself :)

Louise xx