Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Guest For Dinner

Has fast as Little J left the dinner table this evening, a small old rather cantankerous dog called Linus thought he could slip in unnoticed.
He has his eyes firmly planted on the salad bowl - this dog loves carrots!!!
Don't fret, he was only there long enough for me to take a photo.

Silly old dog.

Toodles... L x ♥


The Garden Bell said...

Great capture. Thanks for letting me know it will be about two weeks. Last time I ordered from over there is was more like two monthes. I'm sure I will like it, especially at that price with free shipping.

Louise said...

Mine likes veg too nbut turns her nose up at mostly green veg except peas. Peelings are her fave and comes running when she hears the peeler come out of the drawer.

Terrie said...

A health conscious dog! Love it!

millefeuilles said...

He knows he has to have his five portions of fruit and veg! He's really adorable.

Warm regards,