Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Happy middle of the week to you. 
I hope you are all having a lovely week and the weather is treating you nicely.  The weather here has been quite generous today and dropped a few degrees.  We even got a few spots of rain today and for that I am very grateful.  My poor wee garden has had to put forth quite an effort to stay green this summer.  In fact, it's hanging on my a thread.  Along with a terribly hot summer, there seems to be a zillion more bugs than ever.  Every time I go into the garden to water I end up with a gnat in my eye!  What is it with gnats?  And why do they thing my eyes are a good place to hang out?  My boss is even less fortunate, she always ends up with one up her nose!
Anyway, I've just dropped by ever so quickly to thank you all for your lovely comments on my basket. 
I'm certain with some practice I could improve my basket weaving skills.  Anyway, my last little effort, once I've lined it with some fabric, is destined to carry my pegs (clothespin for my US readers).
Speaking of baskets, I've been on a bit of a mission recently to find myself a good project basket.  I'd had my eye on one of these (just like my Mum had), but the cost of shipping was just ridiculous!  One eBay seller estimated the cost of shipping at $100 US!  There was no way I could talk the Mr. into allowing that purchase.  Heck, I'm not sure I could have talked myself into it!  Anyhow, whilst browsing a local thrift/antique mall I came across this beauty for a mere $4.00.  I'd discovered many many baskets in the store, but they were either well over priced or too flimsy.  This one was stuffed under a table and filled with magazines and a very happy bargain for me. Not quite what I wanted, but it will suit perfectly.
Of course, I took a few minutes to line the basket so my needles and hooks and such wouldn't fall through the cracks and get lost. I've never lined a basket before.  It wasn't an easy task, but it also wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I quite pleased with the results.
Anyway, there I've managed to ramble on for a day after only intending to type up a few lines.
Must be off. 
It's Wednesday and as usual I must go watch my favorite show.

Toodles....L x ♥

P.S.  I just wanted to say, very quickly, a huge thank you to all the lovely people who spend a few moments of their day to tap tap out a little comment on my blog posts.  They really truly do make my day. It's so lovely to have the support of so many people!


Louise said...

thats a lovely basket Louise, just the job I would say.

marigold jam said...

Perfect basket and the lining looks really good. Enjoy your day especially now it's a bit cooler. Raining here today.

The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

Lovely basket! My garden is suffering with the heat too. All my containers are so dry and are now full of earwigs (or earwags as my son calls them) which find them a very suitable home!

Teje said...

That is really lovely basket and you made it perfect with the fabric! I would need that kind of project basket, too!
xxx Teje

Regula said...

Lovely basket, perfect for nice projects. Whats in the basket or in your mind?