Thursday, August 25, 2011

What A Week

We've had quite a week this last week at the Gephart.  To be honest, it's been a bit exhausting. 

So far we've
  • Made the 12 hour round trip journey to take the Big Boy back to school.
  • Prepared the Little Man for the 4th grade.
  • Been a little shaken by an earthquake
  • And are now preparing for the Hurricane.
Only two calls and one text from Big J with "Oh Mum, I forgot"..and.."Oh Mum, I need xyz or $".  Not too bad really considering we left a whole box of stuff behind!

Little Man rose at the crack of dawn yesterday (even after going to bed at 11:30pm)and had a thumbs up first day of the 4th grade.

Yes, we felt the ground move Tuesday.  To be honest, at first I thought I was having a "turn", even after experiencing several earthquakes when I lived in California.  Luckily, just a little shake to break up another boring day at work.  Little Man and Middle J were at home on the beloved XBox and never felt a thing!

Well the hurricane thing is debatable. It's not supposed to come anywhere near our neck of the woods/mountains, however, Middle J is supposed to go down to his friends house on the coast in Virginia on Saturday.  So he is most definitely not amused that a Category 3 hurricane has booked the same time to arrive there.

So that's my week folks!
Bring on the weekend.....

Toodles...L xo ♥

P.S. I know the typewriter has nothing to do with my week, but isn't it cool?  Little J found it at a flea market for $10 and it's just too cool.  We've spent the week typing messages to each other - loads of fun.


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Earthquakes and are having an exciting week! Hope the hurricane passes you all by.

Love that typewriter, they are such fun for the kids especially as they have never seen one :-)

marigold jam said...

Do so hope the hurricane passes you all by safely. I should think and earthquake and threat of a hurricane was quite enough excitement for one week. Can you get ribbons for the typewriter over there? I had one rather like it and got rid of it as couldn't replace the ribbon - not that I would wish to go back to a manual after the computer keybvoard it was such hard work!! Have a peaceful weekend.

Louise said...

Wow thats alot to cope with. We still have a week to go before school starts. I miss him so much after the hols. I will be wtching Irene closely and hoping it comes nowhere near you all.

Regula said...

How is the weekend going on after your busy week. The storm has weakened from a category-three hurricane to a tropical storm, I can read on BBC News. Hopefully your son is okay.

We are having a wonderful weekend here. Nice and warm weather, blue sky.

Thanks for commenting on my blog although it's in German. However, pictures have a language of their own, don't they.