Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catching Up....

Actually, I'm not sure it's possible for me to catch up on anything these days, I have more projects on the run that I could be creating for the next 10 years it seems. If you dare, take a look at my current on-the-go nonsense:

:: My Sampler Blanket - which is coming along very nicely.  I love working on this blanket, the prospect of a different stitch each row is quite exciting. I've even managed to teach myself a few new fancy stitches.

 :: Granny Stripe Blanket - yes still a work in progress after more than a year (yikes).  To be honest I only work on this one when I catch it out of the corner of my eye and it makes me feel guilty.  I adore the colours and of course love the stripes and can't figure out why I find it such a chore.
 :: Sea Blue & Grey Ripple - after the disaster of a cardigan and the random purl row in the midst of all the garter stitch I did the least sensible thing EVER. I bought a ton of lovely grey wool and decided to have another go!!!! Like different wool would make a difference - WRONG. Well my second attempted lasted two days before it was thrown in the corner during a little temper tantrum.  In order to lift my spirits I decided to combine both lots of wool/yarn and get to work on a ripple, because there is nothing more soothing than rippling back and forth on a ripple. It's working and its taken my mind of building a little bonfire with my knitting needles.
 :: Little J Cascade Blanket - Yes you read that right, another blanket.  Well I haven't started it YET,although the wool is calling me......lovely Cascade 220 Heathers.
 So it appears I'm stocking piling again for some world blanket shortage.  However, if the weather we had yesterday were to continue for the winter, we're going to need all the blankets we can get.  I think we ended up with about 4 inches.
 Fortunately (or unfortunately for my blanket madness) the sun is shining today, although it's a wee bit chilly out.
Thank you for dropping by for a little visit today.  
I must be off as there are two big orange pumpkins ready to be carved as it's Trick or Treat night in our neighborhood tonight.

Happy Sunday!

Toodles . . . . L

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of Those Days.......

Today has been "one of those days"'s only saving grace, it was SUNDAY.

Today I have:
  • finally admitted defeat on my cardigan knitting project - I had added a safety line when I started the sleeves and all seemed to be going well until I removed the safety line and discovered a random row of purl stocking stitch on my ALL garter stitch cardie!  I finally admitted defeat.  Secretly though I think I was relieved as it was starting to become  a chore and I didn't like the way it was turning out.  I've started this instead with the yarn.
  • dropped a dozen eggs on the way home from the supermarket - yes they all broke. I salvaged 4 to make a quick omelet when I got home.
  • picked the final flowers from my garden, only to discover that it wasn't just flowers I picked - thank you Mr. VW from escorting the spider (eek!!!!) and ladybird outside.
  • discovered a horrendous crack in our front stairs which runs up one wall, across the steps and completely through the other wall - yikes!!!!!!  
On the upside, tomorrow is Monday and I have the day off. Yipppeee!!!!!

Thank you all for your well wishes for Linus.  He seems to be a tiny bit brighter today and this afternoon he even managed to bark at some deer which were passing by the  back fence, which he hasn't done in ages.  He has three more trips to the vet this week for fluids to help flush out his kidneys - my fingers are still tightly crossed.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today, your comments are so uplifting and really the highlight to my days. 

Toodles.... L x ♥

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peas, Carrots & Pegs

It's been a busy two weeks here at the Gephart and my apologies for my long absence.  There just doesn't seem to have been a spare moment in the day lately.
I spent the last two weeks tending to our little Jack Russell, Linus who has been quite unwell - the vet even said he seemed depressed!  That has worried me to no end for some reason as I never know that dogs could get depressed, but he certainly has not been himself.  Hopefully now he's on the mend now, we have our fingers crossed tightly for him.
Today for the first time in days he had the energy to come out into the garden with me. It's mighty windy here today, so I had to make sure he was rugged up warm in his coat.  We harvested the rest of our carrots and while my back was turned I found him having a little munch!  A very good sign.

 Before Big J hopped off to college at the end of summer he sowed some more peas which we are now enjoying.   This is probably the only batch that made it from the garden to the kitchen.  Not many, but I'll pop them in the Shepard's Pie tonight along with the carrots.
 I had a few fleeting spare moments the other night to whip up a little peg bag for a dear friend's birthday. I made her one last year and this year she asked for another - one to take out to the garden washing line and one for her washing line in the basement. She's one of the few Americans I know that realizes there are ways to dry clothes that don't involve a dryer.
It's a gloriously sunny, but windy day here today and I have plans to plant more bulbs in my garden.  The trees are looking magnificent with their Autumn colours and I hope to be able to pop out for walk this afternoon to take a few snaps.  I haven't taken any this year and the leaves are falling fast.
Well I must be off.  Little Linus  is due for some 'afternoon tea'.  He's on five meals a day as we're under instructions to fatten him up and he's loving every minute of it.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Toodles....L x ♥

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sampler Blanket

I've just come in from outside where I thought I could spend a few minutes working on my latest project.
Silly me.
It's freezing outside.  Probably explains why the Mister has turned the heat on.  Mind you, I'm not complaining.  After a long hot summer I'm loving this cool weather.  We've even had a few flurries of snow up the road about 8 miles on top of the mountain.
So I've hauled my new project and my *new* basket back inside and will try to block out the sounds of Little J blasting zombies on the XBox and enjoy a few more hooky lines on this lovely Sunday afternoon.
I must say, the nasturtiums are enjoying the cool weather.  After 12 years of living in this house and planting them without fail every year, this is the first time they have grown and flourished.  I ♥ love ♥ these flowers. They remind me of the cool winters in Perth and how they grew like weeds in our back yard. No annual planting necessary, they just popped up through the rocks of our terraced backed yard.
 In a real leap of faith this year the Mister and I decided to purchase an apple tree.  We don't have particularly green thumbs and our home is also occupied by a small boy re-known for severing limbs off of trees and other various greenery when he's outside pretending to save the world from evil.
It's sort of a fancy apple tree.  A wee bit pricey, but that's because it's been grafted.  It should, in theory grow 5 different types of apples.  Yes 5!  Thus allowing us to have just one tree in our tiny yard.  In fact it had the most delicious apple on it when we purchased it.  So fingers crossed that we will a/ follow the instructions provided by the nursery so it will survive till spring and b/ that Little J won't decide that we only need just 4 types of apples.
 We've had loads of rain these last two weeks.  The ground is very wet and soft, which a certain brown dog (Sally) is thoroughly enjoying.  She's dug the deepest hole known to dog-kind and even though her nickname is 'the stomach' she won't even break from digging to come and eat her dinner. 
There she is, bum in the air, digging like there is no tomorrow in our old veggie patch. 
 So back to my new project.  
Hmmm...I'm loving this one. 
It's a creation out of my head.  A sampler blanket of sorts.  Just random rows of stitching, making some of them up as I go along, practicing new stitches on find on the w.w.w, but which makes it very difficult for me to ensure I don't increase/decrease the stitches row after row. 
 A couple of times I've had to employ the counting skills of the Mister to ensure I'm on track.  That's because my counting skills are quite crap. It takes but a mere blip in my concentration for me to lose track.  It goes something like this for example if I count in two's - 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30...  You can see where that leads right?  Or when I get to 58, 59, the sixties don't exist at all.  Luckily the Mister is quite happy to lend a hand or a count in this case. 
Yes, yes, I've added a few stitches and lost a few row after row, but it's still fairly even.

Anyway.  I must be off!  Although it's Sunday afternoon I must still nip to the shops in order to feed my family this week.  They do like food you know.  ☺
Happy Sunday!

Toodles . . . . L x ♥