Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of Those Days.......

Today has been "one of those days"'s only saving grace, it was SUNDAY.

Today I have:
  • finally admitted defeat on my cardigan knitting project - I had added a safety line when I started the sleeves and all seemed to be going well until I removed the safety line and discovered a random row of purl stocking stitch on my ALL garter stitch cardie!  I finally admitted defeat.  Secretly though I think I was relieved as it was starting to become  a chore and I didn't like the way it was turning out.  I've started this instead with the yarn.
  • dropped a dozen eggs on the way home from the supermarket - yes they all broke. I salvaged 4 to make a quick omelet when I got home.
  • picked the final flowers from my garden, only to discover that it wasn't just flowers I picked - thank you Mr. VW from escorting the spider (eek!!!!) and ladybird outside.
  • discovered a horrendous crack in our front stairs which runs up one wall, across the steps and completely through the other wall - yikes!!!!!!  
On the upside, tomorrow is Monday and I have the day off. Yipppeee!!!!!

Thank you all for your well wishes for Linus.  He seems to be a tiny bit brighter today and this afternoon he even managed to bark at some deer which were passing by the  back fence, which he hasn't done in ages.  He has three more trips to the vet this week for fluids to help flush out his kidneys - my fingers are still tightly crossed.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today, your comments are so uplifting and really the highlight to my days. 

Toodles.... L x ♥


Tea at Weasel's said...

So sorry to hear you're not having a great time at the mo....sounds like you're due some good luck very soon!! I'll have my fingers crossed for you. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Hope your dog is feeling better :)

Take care
Louise xx

Louise said...

Told you ponchos were in. Enjoy your day off.

winkieflash said...

The good thing about days like that, is that the next day can't be that bad ;) And seeing as this happened on a Sunday, your Monday will be splendid! :)

millefeuilles said...

Hello! I am ever so late joining the party here but I am really pleased I popped in. Your day sounds very irritating BUT I totally understand your inner voice being relieved you were calling it a day on your knitted project. Sometimes admitting defeat is a lot wiser than soldiering on. Afterall knitting is supposed to be fun, right?

I hope you are well and happy and that you have found out what the crack is on the side of wall.