Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peas, Carrots & Pegs

It's been a busy two weeks here at the Gephart and my apologies for my long absence.  There just doesn't seem to have been a spare moment in the day lately.
I spent the last two weeks tending to our little Jack Russell, Linus who has been quite unwell - the vet even said he seemed depressed!  That has worried me to no end for some reason as I never know that dogs could get depressed, but he certainly has not been himself.  Hopefully now he's on the mend now, we have our fingers crossed tightly for him.
Today for the first time in days he had the energy to come out into the garden with me. It's mighty windy here today, so I had to make sure he was rugged up warm in his coat.  We harvested the rest of our carrots and while my back was turned I found him having a little munch!  A very good sign.

 Before Big J hopped off to college at the end of summer he sowed some more peas which we are now enjoying.   This is probably the only batch that made it from the garden to the kitchen.  Not many, but I'll pop them in the Shepard's Pie tonight along with the carrots.
 I had a few fleeting spare moments the other night to whip up a little peg bag for a dear friend's birthday. I made her one last year and this year she asked for another - one to take out to the garden washing line and one for her washing line in the basement. She's one of the few Americans I know that realizes there are ways to dry clothes that don't involve a dryer.
It's a gloriously sunny, but windy day here today and I have plans to plant more bulbs in my garden.  The trees are looking magnificent with their Autumn colours and I hope to be able to pop out for walk this afternoon to take a few snaps.  I haven't taken any this year and the leaves are falling fast.
Well I must be off.  Little Linus  is due for some 'afternoon tea'.  He's on five meals a day as we're under instructions to fatten him up and he's loving every minute of it.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Toodles....L x ♥


Jessie said...

I'm sending mending wishes for Linus! I hope he is all better soon.

I love the peg bag. I am looking forward to buying a house this year and being able to dry clothes in non~drier type ways! I'll have to swipe that peg bag idea from you. The little flower in the corner just makes it perfect!

Louise said...

Get well soon Linus. Ilove the idea of shepherds pie with homegrown peas and carrots. Do Americans know much about this delicacy? Peg bag envy, mine is a plastic box must make one.

Regula said...

Hopefully, Linus is feeling better and better and enjoys hes five meals. Five meals. :-)

This sentence makes me smile: "She's one of the few Americans I know that realizes there are ways to dry clothes that don't involve a dryer." It reminds me of my dream I had last night. I was (kind of) teaching some Americans about saving energy. And then I said: "I know it's boring to go on and on about this topic but it is essential. You know, we (and you of all), have to minimize our global footprint."

I'm glad you hang out your laundry into the wind and sun.

Louise said...

Hi Louise - Americans that i know aren't that famaliar with Shepards Pie, but being raised in Australia by English parents it was a regular at our dinner table and I love it!