Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost Done!

My crochet sampler blanket is nearly done.  Despite the craziness of my life at the moment.  I think it is my all time favorite crochet blanket.  Every second of making this has been a joy and I've learnt a few new stitches which I just love.

But before we get on to my blanket, take a look at these beautiful trees on our street.  All the other trees have lost their leaves, but not these ones, they are just now looking magnificent. I don't ever remember these trees being so vibrant.
 I snuck these photos in today when the men I have in my house were up in the attic.  Yes I have a man in, actually men in!  Sounds exciting doesn't it?  But it's not, rather stressful actually. 
Anyway, they already think I'm a little nutso, so they didn't need to see me taking photos of my street and my crochet. so these were taken in haste. 
So please ignore their crappiness.
 Bobble Stitch is one of the new stitches I learnt, kinda fun, but a bit of a yarn hog.

BTW - Should you ever consider installing a brand new type of heating system into your 100 year old house, be prepared for stressful times. I never knew I would be so protective of my little house! 
Crochet Cable Stitches (those teal ones) - Loads of fun, my favorite new stitch I think!

 I also never knew that forced air heat would involve making so many holes in my hardwood floors and horsehair plaster ceilings - oh my!  I'm not sure if I would now prefer my rusty old hissing steam radiators over many many holes....hmmmm...too late now I guess.

 X Stitch Crochet (those blurring light purple ones), another cool new stitch.

I also never knew that a long brown sausage dog (Sally) could bark so much! Every time the workmen moved she barked - silly old goose she is.  Woof!  Woof! Woof! Is all I heard for 6 hours today whilst I was working from home.

 Random Crochet Stitching - every row is different, which I found starting a new row exciting every time.

Another thing I also never knew was how many wet leaves one workman can drag through my house. Don't workmen know how to wipe your feet?  Tomorrow I'm putting up a sign - either that or I'm going to the office to work!

Now I've just made it to the final round - the edge of my Crochet Sampler Blanket.  I'm attempting a picot edge, but I'm not sure about it just yet.  What do you think?
And here she is in all her glory! Almost done. Almost.....isn't she a beauty???

I have a feeling my life is going to be chaotic till the new year with two other projects which involve workmen scheduled for before Christmas and adult children coming and going from the house multiple times which require Mr. VW's chauffeur services. 

Oh and then there's Christmas. I believe someone said today it's only 38 days away!  Yikes!  I haven't even thought about it yet....oh my!

Well thank you for stopping by this evening, I hope your world is slightly less chaotic than mine!

Toodles...L x ♥


Babajeza said...

Good morning Louise

Everybody seems to be stressed by workers these days. Anyway, I have the carpenters in my house. This means a lot of noise, a lot of sawdust and 250 years old dust and dirt, a lot of talk and coffee to make. I don't know if I am happy to leave the house today though. How knows what happens to the house while I am gone. ;-)

The new heating system will be a blessing I am sure. So keep your ears stiff!


The Butterfly Bush Diaries said...

I think your blanket is absolutely fantastic and it's SO refreshing to see something that is crocheted out here in blogland that is actually "different" and originally creative.

I really do get fed up of looking at X amount of blogs and seeing the same old blanket in the same old colours that everyone and their goldfish are using - it gets really tedious and very uninspiring so to see yours has really brightened my day - I LOVE IT!!!

Kudos to you for your originality! :)

Grateful4Crochet said...

Your blanket is beautiful- I hope the builders finish soon

Louise said...

Wow Louise its a lovely one and it makes an excellent background. You do sound frought, as a european I recommend alcohol for the stress!! I feel the same when workmen are in, I never rest cos I don't want them to see me sitting crocheting !!

Louise said...

The blankets lovely, great choice of colours, and finished just in time to keep you warm 'till the heatings back on.

Jessie said...

The simpler blanket is beautiful! I love that you changed the stitch on every row, I have a feeling I would have done one row of single crochet, then one row with something fun, and so on. I think what you did looks so much better. That little x stitch is very cute!


Teje said...

Hi Louise! Your new blanket is fantastic! Try to have some lovely, relaxing moments under it, during your 'chaotic' period. I can't believe either that Christmas is already so close - I feel it's still October!
xxx Teje