Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lantern Embroidery

I've been struck down by the dreaded lurgy this week, but I've been fortunate to be able to work from home whilst overseeing the various workman going to and fro.  They've been  making every effort possible to leave as many muddy footprints in my house as possible.  I swear they searched out every muddy puddle in my garden before traipsing through my house.
Oh well, my house is toasty warm again with a fancy new heating system.
Anyway I've just popped by to ask your ideas on the lovely linens I found the other day at a flea  market for the pricely sum of $6.00.  Hard to believe such beautiful handwork could be bought so cheaply.  This little set is three napkins and a table cloth. I'm not sure what to do with it, I fear using it for table coverings living in a house with 1 boy and 3 men.  They have no regard for such beautiful stitches.
Do you have suggestions?
I would love to hear your ideas.

Toodles....L x ♥


The Garden Bell said...

Oh, so cute. I'm not sure I could part with them. But they would make a cute wrapping with a big bow. Or hand towels in a power room. I'll keep thinking....

Louise said...

No idea how to man proof your linens but training might be needed. There are some cushons in our hose that the boys know better than to lean on. They are lovely, what a find.

Louise said...

What a beautiful unusual pattern and a bargain. If you will never use them and just end up storing them away in a cupboard, then why not re-invent them, maybe cushions, patchwork or cover some small lampshades, depending on the scale you could even frame the pattern, or do you have a side table you could put them on
louise x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

They are beautiful aren't they! No ideas but maybe search thu Etsy for some inspiration? Hope your feeling better soon :-)

millefeuilles said...

They are so pretty and my first thought was, goodness did SHE make them?

Are you feeling better? I hope so. I love winter but being ill just spoils all the fun.