Monday, November 14, 2011


Life has been seriously getting in the way of blogging these days, but fortunately not creating, only photograph taking.  So as I  left work this evening with my poorly neglected blog weighing heavily on my mind, the sky caught my eye and I took this terrible photo with my Blackberry. Honestly, the sky was gorgeous, but the photo is seriously crap.  Now I must admit I took this photo with great haste for fear of being caught by one of my co-workers - most of whom already think I'm completely bonkers.

I promise to catch up with you all in the next day or two. I love this little blog and refuse to let it suffer any longer.

Toodles.... L x ♥

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millefeuilles said...

Life takes over but that is the way it should be! ;-)

The main thing is that you have some time to create still and I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to WHEN you have the time.