Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That's That Then

Do you remember this post?   I honestly thought there was something wrong with the way I knit, but based on your lovely and very helpful comments I appeared to be wrong.  Then my lovely friend Louise sent me this link and I thought "Ah ha!  That's it!  That's how people knit so fast and don't drop their right needle." Not only was there another way to knit, called 'Continental', but my style of knitting had a name too 'Throwing'. 
I thought it was my "ah ha" moment, it looked easy peasy and sounded fancy, this "Continental" knitting.  I had visions of cardigans literally flying off my needles.  Rushed to grab my trusty needles and wool and set to work studying the video.

And my 'ah ha' moment vanished as quickly as it appeared.

So I am now FULLY resigned to my knitting technique.  There is nothing 'continental' about my knitting, no fancy sounding name for me, I am and will always be a "Thrower".
Rest easy knitting needle stash, there will be no bonfire, but you must be content with my no classy, needle chucking (throwing) technique.

Toodles... L x

P.S. I have to admit other names of my knitting have come to mind - Thrower - Chucka - Tossa???  Ok that last one isn't very appropriate, but it did give me a little chuckle.....


Louise said...

I tried it too Louise. I felt like I was knitting with someone elses hands!!!!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Me about awkward! I'm going to be a tosser for ever it seems ;-) Depends which country you come from as to whether that word is below the belt or not!

Louise said...

Hi Louise I too am a thrower, I knit with long needles the right one under my arm. Maybe you need a knitting belt which basically is a leather belt with holes to rest your needle in. Dont give up. Im trying to master my knee lifter on my machine, its so frustrating. after years of not using one.

Jessie said...

I can not knit continental to save my life! It's supposed to be faster, but like you, I am happy with being a "Thrower!" At least I am in good company.

I love your sampler stripe background! So pretty.

millefeuilles said...

I am, despite my bronchitis, chuckling out loud. Thank you for that. I cannot remember which kind of knitter I am - I get terribly confused with American youtube knitting videos which display fast and furiously clever ladies knitting differently to me - but I too will always be slow.

My determination makes up for my lack of speed.

Have a wonderful slow knitting week.

Terrie said...

Never heard of a thrower before but I suspect I am one! I sooo want to be able to knit but something is just.not.right. I love your wool though!