Sunday, January 30, 2011

Green Granny Shawl

Just popping by quickly while a have a few minutes.  I've just finished shearing cutting Little J's hair and I do believe it's now safe to say he will no longer be mistaken for a girl!  Yes, his hair was quite long and on more than one occasion recently has been referred to as "she".  Anyway, he's pleased with it (I hope) and is now engaged in some very loud bang bang game on the XBox with Mr. VW.  I have a love hate relationship with that box - love the fact that will engage my men folk for hours, hate the fact that I cease to exist with the thing is on.  Oh well. 

So, it's been a snowy week this week and we're in for more in the next few days.  I quite love the snow, but the cold really gets to me.  These frigid temperatures have made it absolutely necessary - yes absolutely - for me to start on a new project, one of the practical sense.  A lovely green granny shawl, pattern courtesy Ms. Lallyloulou.  I LOVE this pattern, it came together so fast and took just one ball of Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It's deliciously warm and EVER so soft.  Now Caron Simply Soft may be of the acrylic nature, but it is the softest yarn ever and I LOVE it.
Sorry the photos are crap, more grey weather this weekend and it's hard to capture the exact colour of this shawl.  Green is not normally a colour I wear, but I really like this deep green, especially up against my red curtains!  I'm really looking forward to wrapping this around my neck before I toddle off into the cold tomorrow for work and keeping it on while I tip tap away on my laptop in my cubicle which could double as a fridge during the winter months!
Well I must be off, time to burn make dinner and extract my men folk from the blessed XBox so they can eat.  If I start asking them now, they'll actually stop once dinner is ready in, oh say, about an hour!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inside Out & A Spoon

To my fellow Australians, I wish you a very Happy Australia Day!!! 
Oh how I wish I had been able to bask in the sunshine and partake in the celebrations. 
Instead, last night I went to bed with my jammies on inside out with a spoon under my pillow.  Which resulted in this site this morning:

And the 'wildsnowman' aka 'little j' got his wish of a snow day.
Now I'm off to crawl under the beds in search of missing spoons.
Toodles L x

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The dust bunnies are rejoicing, the dirty washing has officially been named Mt. Filth and the family is crying with hunger pains.  I think I might be addicted to these things....

Heaven help my poor family, but I honestly just can't stop!

Monday, January 17, 2011


The lovely Louise sent me a link to this pattern on ravelry and this is one addictive pattern!  The yoyos are quick and easy and the joining method goes very fast and is super rewarding.  Very important for my minuscule concentration span. 

If you have scraps, give it a go.  It really does take the tiniest amount of yarn to make one yo-yo and the pattern for joining is very easy to follow.  Now I can finally justify saving all those tiny bits of wool!!!
OK must be off. 
Louise has posted a fab tutorial for crochet daffodils and as I have zero yellow yarn in my stash and the pattern is calling me very LOUD, I must nip down to LYS for some yellow.
Toodles!  L

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sad & Chicken Ethel

Big J leaves for college tomorrow. 
For some reason, this time more than ever, I have the mega case of the big time sads. 
However, I'm holding it together.....just.
Stocking up his dormroom with yummy things to eat and the things that only a Mum would think of. 
Oh and hooking Ethel.

Cute isn't she?

Sort of my own, make it up as you go creation.

In case you didn't know....
I Chickens.
She serves no purpose, perhaps she could keep an egg warm?  
However, should I decide to add to my flock, then I believe I might add a little zip, some lovely lining fabric and use my little hen to store my little coins!
Mr. VW assures me if I do that, I've most definitely lost the plot.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking Up

Things are starting to look up around here.  
Thank you for all your support on my last post, your words of encouragement really helped me move beyond the fact that teenage boys will be boys and crap cars will always be crap.  Regardless of the challenges they present, in general they are wonderful boys and I wouldn't change them one bit.  And car dealerships will actually give you a trade in a car that doesn't run!
So, a lovely new car has been purchased and a wonderful deal was made.  My first new car EVER!! Which well isn't particularly exciting considering I've been driving for less than two years. :-) 
More good news, Mr. VW received a little promotion at work. Big J got his first semester grades and did quite well. My boss will be out of town three days this week and told me to go home 2 hour early each day! My boss rocks! With the new car purchase last week she let me leave early three days to take care of car purchasing paperwork (well one day was to run down to her house so she could see said new car!)

So a smile is on my face now and the bumps of the new year have been smoothed out.  A little crochet bunting has also helped me get over the bumps.  I can now add new car dealership to the places I've crochet.  Now that brought me a few strange looks!

p.s. thank you Alice for another fabby tutorial

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turning Around 2011

I am desperate to keep this post as positive as possible, however things have gone slightly *ss up thus far in 2011 here at the Gephart.  I won't go into details, but one of the J's (an older model) has had a teenage lapse of judgement that caused some disappointed.  Teenagers will be teenagers and I fully realized now that kids are way more challenging when they reach the double digits!  Heaven help my sanity!!!!  
On a slightly easier note to deal with mentally, but not financially the old faithful blue car has finally given up the ghost. I must reside myself to the fact that I can't justify pumping another dollar in repairs into the old clunker. 
So I've spent the last two evenings haggling for a new car.  It appears to have worked well thus far, nothing like a sad story and foreign accent to win the hearts of our small town dealer and get trade in $$ for my car that no longer runs!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day of bumming rides to work!

Our last trip in the old blue bucket was a chilly, but fun day at
the park for some sledding!  Well the three J's slid the slops and threw snowballs, while I hooked in the car.  Redesigning, for the third time, Little J's blanket.  I'm having a hard time settling on a style, but I decided it was better to start over than complete a project I didn't really like.  You may remember the blanket from here and here.  Those two designs just didn't seem to be working, so there has been some serious frogging.

And now I think I'm happy with it.  Thank goodness for Grannies!!!!

Ok that's my Tuesday whine, tomorrow, I should have a smile again.  Of course the Gephart National Debt will have increased significantly and will have a serious frown (fingers crossed tightly for new car), but at least I'll have some wheels again! 

I'm off to work on turning this year around!

Toodles..... L