Monday, March 28, 2011

This Week.....

Happy Monday!
After a busy weekend, doing alot, but nothing exciting, I'm looking forward to a quiet week with things I love.

This week....

♥ Big J turned 19!  Yesterday actually and I was very sad that I didn't get to see him on his big day:-( 
Missed him more than ever yesterday. 
But I was relieved to hear it was business as usual for him. 
Spoke to him a little after 12 noon (after leaving three voicemails and sending two text msgs)and he was just getting out of bed (normal) and was off to the dining hall for food (normal, he is always on his way there when I call) and he planned a day of homework and XBox (normal)

♥ I planned to incresase the size of this granny pile this week and ship them off to here on Friday. I have enjoyed every second of hooking these lovelies for such a wonderful cause.

♥ Oh and these lovelies make my heart beat faster. 
I stop and 'chat' with them in the garden on my in and out of the house on my way to and from work.  I just had to bring a couple inside to enjoy during my hooking time after my evening chores are complete.

♥ This evening I've enjoyed sitting my sunny bay window before the tea is made (Mr. VW volunteered his pizza ordering services) to hook a few lines of a new project. 
A project specially requested by Little J.
What Mummy can say no to a little request for ANOTHER hooky blanket, even if the colours are slightly dubious????

♥ In addition to my lovely yellow daffs I was fortunate to find this sweet smelling beauty at the supermarket the other day. 
A VERY rare find in these parts.
Sweetest smell EVER. 
After a long day at work its just the loveliest thing to smell when you first walk in the door.

Well I must love you and leave you. 
Unfortunately my evening may have gotten of to a sweet slow start, but I hear homework calling (ugh) and there is a poor 9 year old boy, who is covered head to toe in poison ivy and in need of a warm bath and a good dose of calamine lotion.
Wishing you all a lovely week!
Toodles .....  Lx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cotton for Crochet

My first crochet doily.  I found the pattern on Ravelry, but now I can't seem to find it Thank you Pearly Queen for locating the pattern on Ravelry for me. 
I L♥VE how it turned out.

Crochet ric rac destined for my bedroom curtains.  Pattern courtesy of Foxes Lane. Super duper easy pattern and so much fun!

Gotta run.... Toodles Lx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Sparkly Surprise

The other day, whilst rummaging around in an area of his parents basement that no one has been in since 1973 (don't ask), he found this.....

It belonged to his paternal grandmother, who was born in the early 1890's.
Isn't it just amazingly beautiful?
I can't stop looking at it.
The other side is just as beautiful.
I don't have any clue how old it might be.  The sparkly bits are really bright after I gave it a little cleaning.
I love it and the fact that it belonged to Mr.VW's grandmother, makes it more beautiful. 
Mr.VW dragged out a few more treasures that belonged to his paternal and maternal grandmothers and surprisingly his parents seemed happy to part with. (They generally don't like to part with their stuff, even the forgotten from the 70's stuff, but on this day, they were in a parting mood).
Perhaps I'll share those another day....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday Reveal

It's an absolutely fabulous spring day here today, although technically it's not spring just yet.  The sun is shining and it's a wonderfully warm fresh day outside. 
Here is the view from our front verandah - blue sky with just the tiniest sweetest white cloud in the sky - just the one white cloud.
(I think perhaps its there to show you just how blue the sky is.) 

A perfect day to reveal my latest completed blanket.  This blanket saw various forms (here, here and starting out here), before I finally decided that the granny is always best.

Honestly, granny's are my fa♥orite all time crochet style.
You just can't beat them.
Simple and fast, just my style.  Although, for some reason, this blanket has taken me an age to complete!
I did a little Picot Edge, which Little J declared are actually crocheted shark teeth - who knew?
Each side being a different colour as I was 'low' on this particular yarn.
It's a wee bit smaller than I had hope, but it's ever ever ever SO cuddly soft thanks to the yarn.  For all it's acrylicness, it's lovely and squishy soft. 
So soft in fact I demanded that Mr. VW touch and stroke it when I laid it out on the bed to admire it's finishedness.
Yes, I'm a tiny bit bossy ☺

Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine.  Mr.VW is painting the stairwell and I must go check on his progress.

Hope the sun is shining with you!
Toodles Lx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing Around

Nothing much to report today. Just playing around with our fancy new computer!!!!!
Well not fancy really......
Just new ☺
And speedy fast
So I won't have to wait an hour to upload photos to blogger
Which may mean I'll stop by here more often!!!

Oh, do you like the this little teal leg???  Ms. Louise and I are up to our swappy fun again!!!☺
We're having a little play with some patterns on ravelry....

Must be off, new computer to play with!
Hope you all have a wonderful week ♥


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's In the Bag Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday and welcome to March!
(I'm only one day late on welcoming this new month) 
Thank you my lovely readers for your well wishes after my recent downfall with the flu.  Very much appreciated. I'm feeling on top of the weather today! 
Thank you for stopping by for a little visit again today.  If it's your first time here, thank you for stopping by and welcome welcome welcome...if you've been here before, thank you for coming back to read my endless dribble and look at my dodgy photos!
I hope today finds you all well.  I'm feeling quite chipper this March Day.  I feel spring in the air and my daffodils are so close to blooming I could squeal with delight!  I very much love my daffodils, but I'll spare you the photos this year.
On to more interesting things....
Do you like my Patons Bag?  I picked this up a few months ago, it was one of those "Buy a bunch of yarn you don't need and we'll give you a free bag deal".  So I could hardly pass it up.  It's humongous! Mr.VW seriously needs to increase my yarn allowance so I can purchase enough to fill it.

Shall we take a peek inside??? 
As you can see, it's not nearly full enough.  It definitely needs more yarn!  I am however, on a yarn diet.  I've been busted, my secret stash discovered and told in no uncertain terms that I must finish at least one project before I start another.
Well, that was after my little trip to the yarn store last Sunday for a few balls of "cheer me up yarn".  I was still feeling a bit blue and under the weather from my bout with the flu.  A yarn purchase was in order to lift my spirits.
I've not bought this yarn before, but it was on sale (only $2.50 a ball) and it's super squishy soft. In fact, for mostly acrylic yarn (only 20% wool), it's the softest yarn ever!  
I love it! 
However, as Mr. VW was over seeing this purchase, I was limited to just five measly balls....and I was pushing my luck with that.

Anywho, before I lose you with this dribble, let's get on and see what I've been making with it. 
Yes, I've shamelessly joined the band of people making crochet flower shawls inspired by the lovely Ms.Lucy.  I won't hide the fact that generally speaking I love most of what she creates.  She does have a wonderful style and such an eye for colour - but most of you know that already.

Anyhow, as there was no convincing Mr. VW that I absolutely had to purchase the lovely Japanese book that contains the pattern, I had to make one up myself.  
 Now normally, I REALLY struggle when it comes to either reading patterns or making them up, but surprisingly I figured this one out on my first attempt!
Bit of a shock it was that I got it so fast.
And unfortunately, now I'm  hooked on making these flowers.
Not sure what I'll do with them, I don't have much of this yarn.  But they sure are pretty to just admire and stroke the soft yarn.
Of course, now all my other projects have been laid to the side AGAIN ☺
OK well I must run.
Another exciting Wednesday night at the Gephart.
You know what that means right?
Yes, the dirty dishes are calling me....

Toodles... Lx