Monday, June 27, 2011

Stealing from the Kids....

Seriously, there was no way I could let this poor teeny tiny lady end up lost at the bottom of the Lego bucket!  Or even worse, sucked up the tube of my vacuum... :-S

Toodles... L x ♥

P.S.  Please excuse my dust.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Hexagons

I used to be strongly opposed to hand sewing, but I sure am l♥ving the process of sewing these little beauties together when I get the odd/rare quiet moment.

Happy Wednesday!

Toodles.... L x ♥

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Class of 2011

Middle J did us proud last Thursday graduating with Highest Honors!
It was even more of a surprise than it was with Big J last year to find Middle J's name in the Highest Honors section as he's caused us a tiny bit of grief this last year. 
Although he's on the straight and narrow now.

There's my boy (second from the  left) slipping us a tiny wave before the ceremony commenced.
We were so close to him in the enormous stadium that I could see the expression on his face. 
He was nervous, being one of the first few to walk across the stage.
I was nervous for him.
I looked down at him and it was like time had stood still and I could see his sweet four year old face.
Tissues were needed at this point.....
Of course we swept the instructed "polite applause" aside when they called his name and screamed, whistled and hollered like mad people.
I loved the way he grinned from ear to ear to see me acting like a complete loony in the arena stands.

It was utter bedlam after the ceremony. 
 There seemed like there was at least 10,000 people milling around all looking for their graduates.
Photos were rushed and as a result I had no time to compose myself.
Let it be noted that I was duly mortified to see how the camera could not have possibly made me look any fatter, my face any shinier or my hair any more disheveled.
I was also slightly disappointed I had entrusted this years graduation photography assignment to Mr. VW.  He apparently needs a little brush up on his photography skills.  These were the best of the worst photos.
However, I'll forgive him and put it down to his excitement of being caught in the moment watching this amazing young man complete a major milestone in his life.

Love you Middle J - You've done us proud!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Happy Monday/New Week lovely people!
I'm loving this week for two reasons.
1.  I finished my granny left over cushion in record time - less than one week.  Used nothing but stash scraps. 
Teeny Weeny balls of woolie goodness that you just can't bare to throw away.
 2.  Day one of my two day work week is over!  And you know what that means?  I've only got one work day left - which means tomorrow is my normal workday Friday!!!!
Paid Time Off is the best invention EVER!
Hope your week is going to be as good as mine....

Toodles... L x ♥

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy Sunday Sewing

We've had that crazy rain today.  You know the kind that falls by the  bucket load with big plip plop plops one minute and stops the next?  Sort of a thunderstorm with lightning and thunder, but its' over almost as quick as it begins.
Although the rain put a slight damper on our plans, at least it's cooler, even when the sun comes out.
For that I am very thankful, the humidity has been barely tolerable these last few days.
So I've spent a lovely day rescuing the fabric I destroyed last Sunday in a pathetic attempt to make a blouse for myself.
A seamstress is just another item I'll add to the list of things I CAN'T do.  It's right below knitting, but my knitting woes are a story for another day.
So I resurrected my blouse and made myself a pinny!
Or apron as I believe most folks call them.  
I even made a rather feeble attempt to embroider a little hen on the front to cheer myself up a little when I wear it. Hopefully push away the frustration I experienced with my blouse sewing disaster.
At least I was able to save this lovely piece of fabric I picked up a few weeks back for next to nothing.
Well I must be off.  I've recently secured a lovely new tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup (rare as hens teeth on this side of the pond - mail order only you know) and I'm off to don my pinny and whip up some yummy Anzac Biscuits for our afternoon tea.

Toodles......Lx ♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Brown Cat

 I've been having a little fun with my crochet lately.
This was one of the sweetest and most fun projects I've made in a long time.
It can be found on ravelry here.
 I even managed to keep track of my stitches, which in the past has eluded me during my attempts to crochet in the round.
And I even stole some little pellets from Little J's BB Gun to put weights in the feet, hands and bum!
I only wished I had made her nose pink instead of brown.
Big J has requested a Amigurumi in the form of a Virginia Tech Hokie.  Only trouble is there doesn't seem to be much calling for a Amigurumi Turkey with big muscles like the Hokie!
So I'm off to hunt the Internet for the elusive Hokie Amigurumi.

Toodles... L x

P.S. Hope the weather is cool where you are.  By the time I arrived home this evening the weather man informed me it felt like 100°F outside!  Luckily none of the J's had melted after a day at home in the heat.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swedish Horsey & Ric Rac

For the record, I L♥VE those little Swedish Dala horses
I don't own any real ones unfortunately, but I'm saving my pennies.....and thinking wistfully.
In reality, I love anything horsey.
Back in the day, a very long time ago, when I still lived in the land Down Under, when my clothes size was still in the single digits, I owned my very own real live horse. 
Her name was Jedda and I loved her dearly for many many years.
But that was a long time ago and now I live on a steep hill with a tiny garden and can only dream of the sweet horse of my youth and the hope that one day I'll be back perusing single digits on the clothing racks.
Anyway, enough of my reminiscing dribble.
Let's take a look at my current sewing/crochet madness shall we?
But you must please excuse crappity crap crap photos. 
Our stairwell is barren of much light, especially when it requires keeping the curtain closed for photographic purposes.
So one day while wistfully dreaming of dala horses, I decided to girlie up my stairwell window with these sweet ponies.
And I appliqued some felt horses on to a plain piece of cream fabric.
Do you see my little handmade crochet ricrac?
Pattern courtesy of the lovely Foxes Lane.

And then girlie up the top with a lovely little ruffle and some more ricrac.
Mr. VW, bless him, has declared the hallway a lost cause for all men folk after I demanded he paint it pink a few weeks back.
Being surrounded by so many men folk, I decided at the very least the stairwell could be dedicated to some girlieness.
It's not like anyone hangs out in the stairwell, except maybe the cat.

Righto, better be off to feed my men folk, before they start a protest.


P.S.  To be honest, I'm on the fence about this curtain.  It's quite silly really, considering their are no small girls in our house.  For now it will stay, but I fear by years end (or sooner) it will end up in the back of the cupboard keeping the rest of my 'opps' projects company.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Blinking blogger is STILL having problems and won't let me load any photos. 
Not even one....  >○○<
I was SO excited to show you what I did with that ric rac I made way back in March! 
But blogger has decided otherwise.
My apologies to Big J and Little J for pleading with them to get off XBox Live to I could blog - apparently they weren't the cause of my Internet/blogging woes.
So I'm off to work on my WIP's, but never fear.....
I'll be back!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Golly ........

....blogger has been quite naughty lately hasn't it?  I was starting to worry I'd never be able to post a comment on some of the lovely posts I've been reading. 
I'd even done some research on moving over to Typepad!
I was starting to feel very despondent about the whole matter.

:: Naughty blogger, you really must behave ::

So to all those lovely blogs that I normally pop by, please forgive me for my absence, I have been reading your wonderful posts and trying like mad to leave comments.

You know I couldn't even stay signed into blogger?
Please tell me I wasn't alone.
It was about driving me crazy.

My fingers are crossed it is fixed now.

And I'll be back shortly to share the ever growing pile of WIP's that I have created in the last few weeks - I've had a terrible attack of startitis
Don't laugh or be shocked, you all know how I am and I know I'm not ALONE!

Happy weekend lovely readers!

Toodles L ♥

P.S. I've just come back from a short pootle around blogville to discover that I spoke to soon....blogger is still being very very naughty!