Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meant to Be

I'm having a wonderful Saturday today and thoroughly enjoying the coolness of September after our endless hot summer.  The leaves are changing already in our part of the woods and I've decided this could be my favorite season of all.  Tomorrow I've got some lovely plans to start planting more bulbs in the garden for spring and I'm actually quiet excited about it - silly as it may seem. The mister has picked out some lovely Irises and Crocuses and of course I'm going for more daffodils.

The delightful tin above was a fabulous find at the thrift store that I fell in love with a few weeks ago.  The pattern is sort of embossed and the colours are just so vibrant.  There's a few scratches, but I thought it was the perfect home for my latest project - The Red Mare - which I found here.  It's the most delightful pattern and the lovely blog owner has offered it for free.

Well I must be off. I hope your weekend is as pleasant as mine.

Toodles . . . .  L  x  ♥

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Quilt for Jasper

In case you were wondering, it was the dinner burning last night.  I'd like to blame a new cooker and a new saucepan, but the general consensus from the rest of the Gephart occupants is that my blog is to blame!  How dare they.  Anyway, I'm convinced it just a matter of time before blackened french fries are on the menu somewhere.
Speaking of my blog interrupting things around here, if you can believe it the Mister actually asked me as I was about to wrap this little quilt up if I'd taken a photo yet?  Without a touch of cheek, he was completely serious.  Shocking eh?  Of course, he did say it after I'd cooked the dinner, so being well fed he knew blogging wasn't going to get in the way of his stomach.
Actually, now i think about it, it was the Mister who chose the colours for this quilt.  Yes he did.  He was quite helpful last Friday evening in the fabric store. I don't believe he had an ulterior motive.  He's know to be helpful now and then and he knew this was a very important little quilt. 
You see this little quilt is for my bosses dog, Jasper.  Yes, yes, it's a little quilt for a very little dog.  And not the first quilt I've made for this sweet little pooch.  He's a love of a little dog and my boss adores him (often admitting she adores him more than her other half, but not in some weird creepy way, if you know what I mean?).  So making this little quilt was  a real pleasure and I'm 100% certain that Jasper (and his owner) will be well pleased.

Toodles... L x ♥

Monday, September 12, 2011

I am not Alone

I'm just ducking by very quickly to say a hugmungous thank you for the lovely wonderfully reassuring advice I received on my knitting.  Do you know how much of a relief it was to hear that it's ok to drop your right needle?  Knowing I'm not the only person who when they drop a stitch it automatically means the entire project will be frogged?  I smiled and sighed a big sigh of relief with this wonderful advice from some folks who's knitting I am in awe of and dream to be able to knit like them one day.
So here's what I've done ::

  •  Frogged the cardigan in progress, all except the first three rows.  If you can believe it I actually managed to pick up the stitches successfully! (It's amazing how many stitches you can rescue with the pointy end of a stitch holder)
  • Ditched the stocking stitch and reverted to plain old garter  - don't panic I'm making the easiest top down cardigan pattern ever invented.
  • Chucked the metal needles and reverted to bamboo two sizes up - I seem way more relaxed with bamboo or it's harder for me to make tight little stiches with them.
  • Bought myself some proper stitch markers - bits of yarn just weren't working as I kept catching them in my knitting. The story of this purchase at my LYS is another story that I hope never to relive.  Let's say my LYS is not a place I'll be frequenting anytime soon.
  • Sighed a very deep sigh of relief, relaxed and found myself a comfying dog/child free place to knit. 
And it's working.  I'm loving my knitting.  Today at lunchtime I knitted a couple of rows AND browsed a magazine.  No swearing or dropped stitches and I was smiling at the end of lunch.

Again BIG BIG thank you for your support and advice.  Glad to know I'm not alone as I wade into the knitting pool.

Must be off, I believe that's the dinner I smell burning!

Toodles . . . L x ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knitting - What Do I Do Wrong?

So I finished my hat and in the end the yarn I used was fantabulous.
  Best yarn ever. 
Unfortunately totally out of my price range for anything larger than a hat.  I am VERY pleased with the way it turned out and the fact that this pattern came out of my head. I added a little crochet trim to fancy it up abit.   I've worn it round the house the last two nights looking like a complete loon - it's hardly hat weather here. 
This hat really got my knitting courage up.  Possibly a little too high.  In fact, so high I thought I'd take a stab at a cardi.  Which I've already started.  And which I've already shed tears over.
Yes, bit too ambitious eh? 
Here's my problem. 
I'm really hoping you experienced knitters out there can help me.  You see, my stitches are too tight. I remember  my Mum telling me they were too tight when I was a little girl learning to knit.  I try really hard to be more relaxed, but I am terrified of dropping stitches.  But here lies the problem, if I do drop a stitch, its gone. Poof.  Gone. It's almost impossible to pick them back up. If I realized I've flubbed even one stitch on the pattern I am far too terrified to unravel and pick up the stitches as they seem to vanish.
 I also can't figure out how to not drop my right needle to wrap the yarn.  Everything I read says don't drop your right needle.  My books show all the fandangled ways of wrapping the yarn around  your fingers so you don't have to drop the right needle.  I just end up tying all my fingers together!  But I think this might be why my stitches are so tight.

I really really want to knit something other than a hat and at this point it seems all I can manage.  At the rate I've knitted hats this last year, I could grow three more heads and still be able to cover them on a chilly day!
I've bought dozens of books and Youtubed myself to death.  I don't know anyone locally who knits and I fear I may have to overcome my fear of the snobby ladies at the LYS and join one of their expensive classes.

Please, does anyone have any useful tips for me? 
I do hope I'm not alone in this boat.

Well I must be off.  I'm off to do some crochet, try and put my knitting in the too hard basket out of sight for a bit as I've run out of tissues and bad words.

Toodles....L x