Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting Things Done

I've not made any resolutions for this new year. I am utterly hopeless with them.  I did resolve at 8:00am on the 1st not to give into Little J's 'Pester Power' and then found myself having a weak moment at 11:12am.  So I said phooey to all New Year resolutions and resolved not to make any. I have however decided that 2012 will be the year of 'getting things done'.  Which  basically means, tackling the cr@p I've been putting off!
 Lining the a little pouch I knitted and felted with what I consider 'great success', but feared lining and tackling the zip.
 Using my 'surprise' birthday pressie from the Mister - YES another sewing machine - a VERY sweet white Singer Featherweight. First time in 16 years the Mister has actually managed to surprise me.
 Finally finishing the final round of my sampler blanket AND photographing it. It's been finished for a few weeks, but by heck it's been hard to get a decent photo of it.
 Using the fine, but cold weather to get an outside snap of it's beautiful colours and stitches.
 Middle J and I FINALLY tackled the wall in the living room.  Thanks to an ice storm two years ago and some dodgy gutters and downspouts and a leaky chimney the wall got VERY wet outside, which caused the paint to bubble inside.  Gutters have been replaced, chimney removed so I plucked up the courage to tackle it with my scraper, along with Middle J's help.  Who knew this old, cold, horsehair plaster wall had once been painted red?
 For the first time ever I'm attempting to grow some Paper whites inside - seems to be going very well so far.
 Yes, your eyes don't deceive you this is ANOTHER sewing machine.  I finally decided to tinker with an old (1910 to be precise)Franklin treadle machine the Mister picked up over the summer.  I've mastered the problem with the needle - it was too short - but now I have to master the actually treadling bit! Who knew it was so jolly hard?
It's hard to believe this old machine is older than our house!

Well I've tackled alot today and I'm feeling quite good about it.  I have however just been informed that I haven't tackled the dinner yet, so I best get cracking and feed my hungry men-folk.

Hope your New Year is getting off to a great start too.

Toodles...L x ♥


Grateful4Crochet said...

Love your pouch and your blankey- both are awesome!!!

marigold jam said...

Love your blanket and the little pouch. Enjoy Florida.

Louise said...

Wow lovely work Louise. You are very industrious, I feel inspired!!

Louise said...

Big Pat on the back. Such a good feeling when to tick them boxes and finish things off. Great start to 2012 the blanket look lovely.

Sounds like you enjoy cooking dinner as much as me!!
louise x

Babajeza said...

Well done. You have accomplished a lot. The purse and blanket are beautiful.

There are some spots in my house that are on my to-do-list. Like insulating the pipes in the attic, and painting a wall in the living room. Someday ...


Baa-Me Kniits said...

Wow fantastic, what an achievment! Doesn't it feel good to tick things of the list :-) Love that little pouch AND the treddlie sewing machine! Once you master that you will be able to learn spinning!!