Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Comes Next?

Sorry for so long between posts, I've been catching up on housework since our return home from holiday and trying to hold onto the 'holiday buzz'. I won't bore you with tales from the Magic Kingdom, although we did have a most fantastic time.

Naturally of course I took a little knitting with me. Much to the horror of my boss (who was convinced I'd never make it through security with needles) and my children.  But knitting a few rows took my mind off (just a little) my fear of flying and helped me wind down afer long days of walking. 
 A fabulous little pattern this one was.  All knit and no purl, perfect for my simple knitting skills.  The wool I used was from a scarf I crocheted some time back and unravelled.  It didn't crochet well, it was quite stiff, but it has knitted up very nicely.  The stitches look a bit wibbly-wobbly, but I think that is mostly because the yarn was crinkly from being frogged and not my crap knitting skills. 

Because my brain can never be focused on just one project, I've also been slipping in some crocheted squares when I've had the odd spare minute.

Not sure where these squares will take me, but they come together quickly and give me a break from knitting.
Speaking of which......after a long 5 hour car journey last Sunday, one sad good bye and too many tears leaving Big J at university the Mister indulged me and took me to a lovely  yarn shop by Big J's university. 

I cannot speak highly enough of the lovely lady at Mosiac.  She was most helpful and more importantly very patient while I picked out some lovely yarn and a pattern to get started on during our long trip home. Normally I can hold it together quite well when we say good bye, not so much this time. Thank goodness for a lovely husband and local yarn shop.

 Just a simple ladies vest which will hopefully (fingers crossed tightly) be my first proper knitted garment. It's going well so far and the wool is super duper soft!
Of course even with these two projects on the go my mind is  buzzing with ideas and drifting onto other things I am itching to make.  I am trying VERY hard this year to stay focused - no more than two projects at a time.  Of course I haven't clarified whether that is two projects of one craft at a time or two projects total.  So I could end up with two knitting projects, two crochet projects....Help me!!!

Toodles...L x ♥


Crochet with Raymond said...

aw lovely to hear from you Louise! sorry to hear that it was so hard to say goodbye... but also glad to hear that yarn softened the blow, gorgeous colour, I love it!
have an ace day XXXXX

marigold jam said...

Love the little scarf. Is that a Ravelery pattern? I want ome! I know what you mean about flitting to the next project before finishing the first and often have more than one thing on the go at the same time but hey variety is the spice of life isn't it?! Good luck with the new knitting. Sorry you found it hard saying goodbye to your son - imagine how I felt when my "baby" set off for Australia on her own two years ago!!

Babajeza said...

Teh feel of yarn, knitting and crocheting really is therapeutic, isn't it?

I've never done any hand craft while driving. I know that reading doesn't work, but maybe I should try knitting next time. If a journey is long we take the train, where I can read and knit and crochet without getting dizzy. :-)

Your scarf looks nice. You may give it a wash and it won't look wobbly anymore.

Louise said...

Hi Louise, Your knitting is really coming along, I too keep trying but give up too easily. So sorry to hear of the sad goodbye, keep up with the yarny prescription, it'll do you good. As soon as I find breathing space I will e-mail you, we could brobably do with another swap to raise the spirits. L x

millefeuilles said...

Beautiful, inspiring post! Look at all that colour? Congratulations on your scarf/shawl delight - such a pretty colour and congratulations on having such a wonderful husband! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has difficulty staying focused. My head is constantly buzzing with projects too.

I hope you are not missing your Big J too much.


Helsie said...

Never mind Mum Big J will be fine. As long as he is happy and not homesick that's when it gets hard.
the knitting looks very nice. You are doing really well.

Louise said...

Got side tracked to blogland. Im supposed to be looking for a holiday!!!! Sounds like your little fingers are going ten to a dozen, great results. I miss buying my wool in a woolshop,its not as exciting buying wool online(until the Postman knocks)
louise x