Monday, February 13, 2012


My brains having a little difficulty getting focused these days.  Both at work and at home.
At work it's almost unbearable.  I've come to that point with my job, which although I love, I find myself endlessly daydreaming about being able to stay home.  Getting up in the morning is a real chore and the weekends are entirely too short and the days are sooooooo looonnnng.  After 17 years I just think I'm going through a tired patch and could use a wee break.  How that's going to happen, I'm not entirely sure. 
Sorry, I am moaning and I shall stop.


Here's a lovely photograph of my geranium leaves taken with my fancy new camera.  The new camera that's taken me ages to decide on because I can't focus long enough to decide which one I want.  This one was a impulse buy, but it seems to be working out quite nicely. It would probably work better if I focused long enough to read the instruction manual.  Ah well....I shall wing it.

I l♥ve geraniums and their fuzzy leaves.
Did I tell you we found out the on/off button on our camera was dodgy while we were at Disney?  Just when the perfect opportunity to take a snap arose, it decided that off was better than on.
Very poor show on our camera's part.

Here's my mind wandering while I was dusting and vacuuming yesterday. 
In the middle of my cleaning blitz I decided to fiddle with the camera.
Hence the reason for the vacuum and dusting cloth still present in the photo of my living room.  Oh and please excuse the patchy wall, still not painted from my scrapping exercise a couple of weeks back.  Lost focus on that too.
Does your mind ever go through periods where you feel like you have the focus of a gold fish?  Thats how I feel somedays.  Good idea pops into my head, or I'm stuck into doing housework or cooking the dinner and then *poof* my brain loses focus and I'm onto something else. Heaven help the dinner when that happens....  
 I even ventured outside mid cleaning to snap the view.
Rather grim gray sky.
It was 'sparkling' out.  Teeny tiny snow flakes that looked like glitter. So tiny the camera couldn't catch them.
 And then my finished knitting project!
Yes!!!  It's finished AND it fits AND I've worn it.
Yippee!  Apparently I have been able to focus long enough to finished something.
 And then in the midst of my goldfish moment I snapped my shoes much to the amusement of the my new neighbors.
Ahhh...but who doesn't love red shoes with gray tights?
Ok I really need to get focused now.
There is homework to do (ugh &sigh) and valentine cards to write for Little J's classmates and Little J is in the midst of some sort of melt down.

Must be off!

Toodles... L x ♥

P.S. Thank you for listening today.  Doesn't it always feel better to have a tiny moan now and then?  It helps clear my  brain and get me going again.  


Louise said...

totally with you there Louise. Maybe the spring will bring about happier feelings. x

Maria Aussie said...

Love your vest - pattern details please, cause I really want one too.
Thank goodness for red shoes, how would we make it through our days without them - yes I am being serious

Louise said...

When doing house work I constantly flit from one room to another as my mood takes me, get distracted and forget to go back to original job. Im usually daydreaming about sewing, knitting, what to make next. Love your shoes I too have a pair of red ones, they do make me smile:)
louise x

Louise said...

Hi Maria, The pattern is on it's way!