Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Been....

....playing with my new camera, loving it and the evening sky after a glorious sunny almost warm day.

....knitting and unravelling and knitting and unravelling and knitting another cardigan. It's going very badly, frustrating me to no end, but yet I continue.  It's this.

....planting more seeds, but expecting that as the weather is unseasonably warm because I'm planting seeds we'll have a snow storm of epic proportion, so I'm starting them inside.

....browsing flea markets and finding the most fabulous tin for next to nothing.  I have zillion ideas for it!  It has a lovely hinged lid, so there's less chance I'll lose it.  Actually hopefully with a hinged lid I won't lose it at all!

I love wandering flea markets and thrift stores looking for treasures.  Generally I'm very cautious with my pennies and the fact I live in a tiny house. Sometimes though, I swear the sound of the till ringing up my purchase sounds like the toilet flushing!  Yes I've had many regrets.

Do you ever have serious regrets about purchase?  I often suffer post purchase anxiety, but luckily my latest find didn't cause me any pain.

Must be off!  Hope the weather is lovely where ever you are in the world! 

Toodles... L x ♥


Maria Aussie said...

Tappan Zee is high on my wish list, so I would love to know how you find the pattern. If I ever get all these baby & toddler knits done, then I can knit for myself

Goosey said...

Nice to meet you on here Louise, we have shared interests in the quilts, dabbling at knitting, growing plants from seed and dogs, although I only have one! I love the tin you bought, very pretty.

Louise said...

Ah spring, bring it on . I love the pattern, can't wait to see it made up.

Louise said...

Loving the knitting. That tins devine great to keep buttons in. Regretting purchasing oh yes, a kenwood chef comes to mind!

Tea at Weasel's said...

Your knitting looks FAB... much better than I can do! You will get there in the end I'm sure and you will be over the moon!!

Love your thrifty find too :)

Louise xx