Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Madness

Diagnosis confirmed.

I am bonkers.

No other sane 44 stays up till one in the morning creating the worlds longest cord with their knitting mushroom.
In fact most sane 44 year olds don't buy knitting mushroom!
But I couldn't resist it's little red top with white polka dots.


Boxoftrix said...

Definitely not bonkers! its lovely, I made myself one a few years ago out of an old vintage wooden cotton reel and some nails, but its basic, I think the loops are easier to use.
I find it quite theraputic to site and work at it, I love the effect when using crochet cotton and cotton perle.
Yvonne x

Babajeza said...

I bought one too three months ago. The shop assistant thought it was for my daughter (who would be 25 if I had one). :-) When I was a child there lived two boys next door (Rober and Kurt), who had knitting mushrooms. They made the longest cords you can imagine, put them around their teddy bears and throw them from the balcony in the forth floor of the building. There the bears were hanging while all the neigbours' kids were watching and cheering.

What are you going to do with your cords?

Louise said...

Mine is a yellow and black bumblebee but yours is sooooooooo gorgeous. Its addictive isn't it. I made hearts with mine. When shall we post the goodies? I'm almost ready.

marigold jam said...

Who cares if people thinmk you are bonkers if you are happy with your little mushroom go for it! Love the design better than an old cotton reel with four nails which is what I used as a child! What will you do with the cord? I once saw a sweater with a design stitched on to it made from such a cord and very nice it looked too. Or you could make mats from it or plait it or.... now I want to make some too!

Louise said...

Thats the sweetest mushroom, we use to make ours out of wooden cotton reels and nails! I havent done french knitting for years.
What will you do with the "worlds longest cord?"
louise x

Grateful4Crochet said...

well how on earth could you resist that sweet little mushroom??? you would be made of stone if you could!!

millefeuilles said...

I am so glad I visited you tonight. I am cackling away at your post. First, it's good to stick together with other bonkers people, second, I now know we are virtually the same age, and third, I've got a thing about toadstools too!

Vive la difference!