Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seriously ♥ Spoilt

I restrained myself long enough to get the camera, but unfortunately after I had already savaged the package
♥ Sweet spotty packages ♥
 ♥ Amazing, I mean AMAZING hand made fabric bow ♥
 ♥ Adorable little hearts ♥
 Look at that super neat hand stitching.
 ♥ Heart Tissues. No nose blowing with these!♥
 ♥ The loveliest made-me-cry purse lined with sweet heart fabric ♥
 ♥ Cutest Owl in the WHOLE WORLD - he's coming to work with me! ♥
 ♥ YUM Choccie, which has already been scoffed ♥
 ♥ The Perfect flower for my bag! ♥
 ♥ Adorable Union Jack buttons - who's photo refuses to cooperate ♥
My dear friend Louise, you are a wonderful wonderful person!   The best little pressies ever in this years Valentines Swap.  Your handy work amazes me.

Swapping little gifts with my internet friend has been just amazing. We've done a few now and it's like having another birthday when the little package arrives.  Having no like minded crafty friends for miles, these swaps are a true joy by allowing me to share my crafts with someone I know who will appreciate them.

Toodles...L x ♥


Louise said...

Aw bless you LOuise, youre right it is like birthdays. The thing is we both really enjoy making the things to send too so we get double fun heh heh heh dont tell anyone. You're very welcome.

Two Wednesdays said...

The packages look amazing - you're both very talented.