Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knitting Update

I do hope you're having a lovely day with wonderful weather like we are enjoying. 
Spring is in full swing over my way and I'm loving it.

I thought I'd drop by with a quick update on my knitting, which you may remember from back here.  It didn't get off to a very smooth start, but it wasn't long before it was progressing marvelously and I was in love.
Capital L in L♥VE. 
I'd even made it past the sleeves and into the body.
The end was in sight....

But then.....I tried it on.

Only to find......there was a problem.

And it quickly went from this (only I had knitted about a thousand more rows since this photo).....
 to this....
as it was ENORMOUS!!!!

Big enough for my entire family to wear at the same time!
Ok so maybe not that big, but seriously big.

Three options crossed back and forth across my mind before the great unravelling commenced:

a/ I could do some SERIOUS eating.

b/ Shrink it in the washing machine - yes this was given MUCH consideration.

c/ Frog it and start this pattern over.

 I choose "None of the Above" and opted for a crochet cardigan.
There were no tears, swearing or feet stomping.
I just got on with it and remember why crochet truly is my first love - so easy to rip out a few stitches. much easier to figure out gage.
I am resigned to the fact that knitting just isn't worth the snot and tears it produces for me!

Toodles...L x ♥


Louise said...

I am with you there Louise. It looked lovely and the colour is definitely one I'd pick. I look forward to the new crochet version

Fleur Cotton said...

It's so funny how we all have our 'first love', knitting is mine. I'm trying to learn to crochet at the moment but it's not going well!!

You can see my knits on my blog if you have the time to pop over.

Fleur xx